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Drivers reminded to slow down for school zones

Drivers speeding near schools have been put on notice that school-day

Falling Cruze sales set to cost manufacturing jobs

Holden insiders have suggested a major production line cut and mass sh

2015 BMW 2 Series Convertible | new car sales price

Drop-top BMW 2 Series and M235i to land in Australia in February.The t

Adelaide has the cheapest petrol in Australia

Petrol prices have fallen to less than a dollar a litre on average for

Melbourne cyclist safety a police priority

Yarra police will focus on protecting cyclists and pedestrians in 2015

Adelaide traffic reaches unacceptable levels | report

Traffic is slowing to a crawl as peak-period travel times on major roa

NSW litterbugs on road to fines

For the first time in NSW fines for littering from vehicles can be iss

Mercedes-Benz AMG Sport models on the way

The number of AMG cars on Australian roads is set to double in less th

Why autonomous cars are still a while off

Imagine you're facing an imminent crash and have to decide between hit

1 metre cyclist overtaking law in the works

South Australian motorists will have to leave at least a 1m gap when o