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Residents push for 25km/h school zone

Residents of Campbelltown, NSW want a 25km/h zone outside a local prim

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Four out of five car owners are concerned about car servicing overchar

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Tech giants Google and Apple are apparently about to develop their own

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An outright ban on using mobile phones while driving won't stop textin

Government to fine mobile speed camera blockers

The "Stupid and dangerous" campaign urging drivers to fake roadside br

First self driving Audi due in two years

Autonomous cars are scary and amazing at the same time. As technology

World's biggest recall now affecting 637,000 cars in Australia

More than half a million Australians will be left with no choice but t

BMW uses Emu feathers to build cars

There's a future for Australian manufacturers, and the secret may lie

2015 Mazda MX-5 to match 1992 pricing

The world's favourite sports car enters its fourth generation with a p

Citroen C4 Cactus points to French brand's SUV future

The future of Citroen in Australia hinges on a single car, the C4 Cact