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Chief executive of NRMA steps down

NRMA chief executive Tony Stuart, who saved the motorists' champion fr

South Australian motorists pay more for car servicing | survey

Car service costs in South Australia are the highest in the nation, a

Federal Court case between Fiat Chrysler Australia and Clyde Campbell has been delayed

The biggest scandal to ever hit the Australian automotive industry is

Residents push for 25km/h school zone

Residents of Campbelltown, South Australia want a 25km/h zone outside

2015 Toyota Aurion | new car sales price

Relatively minor upgrades for 2015 Aurion sedan, including additional

Overpriced car servicing concerns four in five motorists | survey

Four out of five car owners are concerned about car servicing overchar

Google and Apple WILL build cars | expert

Tech giants Google and Apple are apparently about to develop their own

Phone bans could increase crash risk

An outright ban on using mobile phones while driving won't stop textin

Government to fine mobile speed camera blockers

The "Stupid and dangerous" campaign urging drivers to fake roadside br

First self driving Audi due in two years

Autonomous cars are scary and amazing at the same time. As technology