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Kia announces seven-year warranty

Industry-best seven year unlimited kilometre warranty announced by Kia

My wife and I are retired, in our early 60s, she drives a BMW X3 we wa

Your infatuation with European cars - not another Audi! - and bias aga

I have a Mazda CX-7 Classic for four years now and have been very happ

I own a 2013 Hyundai i30 and want to know what I can do to improve the

I laugh at Ford's comments on colors for a Transit having no demand.

My wife and I own a 2003 Mazda6 manual Luxury Sports hatch with just u

I got your feedback a couple of years ago on a Mazda2 and it has serve

The Green Vehicle Guide on the windscreen of my 2012 Opel Corsa said t

By the “Peace of Mind” service our 2014 Ford Territory diesel was