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The D-Max ute and MU-X SUV are designed in Japan by the Isuzu truck maker and produced in the company's Thailand plant. They're brought in by Isuzu Ute Australia, a separate company to the truck maker. The D-Max is available in two and four-wheel drive ute and cab-chassis versions with the choice of dual-cab, space-cab and single cab body styles, all with diesel engines. The MU-X seven-seat SUV wagon is also available with a choice of two and four-wheel drive variants, and also has a diesel engine. Holden also sells both under its Colorado badge.

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When GM split with Isuzu it lost access to the Isuzu-built Rodeo ute that had won such an enviable reputation for toughness and reliability with Australian ute buyers. The Japanese truck maker, the biggest selling truck brand in Australia, saw an opportunity and launched its ute as the D-Max, hoping to take advantage of the popularity of the Rodeo and Isuzu trucks. NEW Isuzu offered the D-Max in ute and cab-chassis forms, with dual-cab and...Read more
For years the word 'truck' has been rusted on to Isuzu. Now 'SUV', as in sports utility vehicle, has been hooked up to the marque. The result is a big family-friendly wagon with plenty of off-road capability. Capable of carrying up to seven people or a stack of gear, the Isuzu MU-X is available in three variants in 2WD and 4WD, ranging in price from $40,500, plus on-road costs, for the 4x2 LS-M automatic to...Read more
SUVs have become more common than family sedans in recent times, offering practicality, a commanding view of the road and the enticing suggestion of adventure. However, most have switched to mainstream passenger vehicle platforms, sacrificing off-road ability in the quest for greater on-road dynamics and fuel efficiency. Fortunately there are still a few old-fashioned off-roaders on the market, which adhere to the traditional formula of a ladder chassis and low range transfer case that contribute...Read more
For those who really want to go bush, the vehicle options are dwindling. Yet the family-friendly, seven-seat Isuzu MU-X is one of the big surprises - eminently capable in the dirt, very comfortable in the city, fuel efficient, durable and, it could be said, good looking. But it's not for pretenders. VALUE There are three models and two transmissions and, though based on the Holden Colorado 7 , there are important differences. The Isuzu has...Read more
Chuck a tonne in the back of your new one tonne ute and chances are the towing capacity drops right away. They can't take the weight in the tub and through the tow bar at the same time. Not the case with the new Isuzu D-Max ute which can handle up to about 950kg in the load tub and still pull its 3.0-tonne towing capacity - without spilling its guts all over the road. VALUE...Read more
You're dreaming if you think the latest crop of utes are good enough to replace a passenger car or an SUV as your family's drive. After a year of being bounced around in all the "new'' utes, of trying to park in tight shopping centre bays, grinding with freeway commuter traffic, going to off-road places no-one else has visited (and realising just why no-one had previously bothered), I have become disillusioned with the purported "dual-purpose''...Read more
When you've only got one vehicle on sale, it better be a good one. If off-road ability rates ahead of cabin ambience, the Isuzu D-Max has just that. In terms of solidity and reliability it has the credentials to make life tough for the the established four-wheel drive utes. Its four-cylinder engine gives away torque to its rivals but makes up for it with a ruggedness that is hard to argue with. VALUE At $50,700...Read more
Last week Holden launched its all-new Colorado, now we have just stepped out of Isuzu’s D-Max. The two share a lot in common, at least on the surface. However, they two vehicles have a different look to one another and are built in two separate factories, although both are in Thailand. VALUE The new D-Max starts at $27,200 for the manual single cab chassis model which previously cost $25,100. Prices go up to $51,700 for...Read more
This is ute country. The macho machines are lined up out the front of the Birdsville pub, resplendent with pig-shooting lights, roll bars, oversized tyres and jacked up suspenders. Our basic no-frills Isuzu D-Max LS-M crew cab almost looks the part with its optional roof racks and standard all-terrain tyres. It certainly helps nullify the embarrassment of turning up to a gun fight with three blunt sticks - in this case our three luxury SUVs...Read more
Some utes don't bother pretending to be show ponies. They're for packing up and working, much like the Aussie stock-horse - it might not be as fast and elegant as a thoroughbred, but it's not going to shy at the sight of a loaded toolbox either. And that's the frankly honest charm of the Isuzu D-Max range. If the face is familiar, it's probably because it's long been a Holden Colorado (formerly the Rodeo) under...Read more
SLIGHTLY bemused grey-haired couples are becoming increasingly common guests in 4WD ute showrooms. But like the thief in the bank foyer, they're not there for the shopfront decor. The 4WD ute has become the target for retirees that aren't seeking desolate desert trails but simply want to tow caravans on an around Australia adventure. Isuzu is just one smart 4WD ute maker that has seen its showrooms fill with holiday makers. But though it's a...Read more