Nissan Reviews

Since 1999 Nissan has produced cars in partnership with French carmaker, Renault, building a range of small and mid-sized passenger cars, small, compact, medium and large SUVs, high-performance sports coupes and roadsters, light commercials and fully electric vehicles. The models include the small Micra hatch and Pulsar hatch and sedan, mid-sized Altima sedan, Juke, Qashqai, X-Trail, Murano, Pathfinder, and Patrol SUVs, 370 sports coupe and roadster, high-performance GT-R Coupe, 4x2 and 4x4 Navara utilities, and the fully electric Leaf hatch.

If a hot hatch is out of the question, look at a warm sedan. Richard Blackburn checks one that goes for power, the other poise.Read more
Nissan Australia is looking to new financial year prosperity riding on the back of its latest Navara. With the popular pick-up already Nissan's best-selling vehicle Down Under, accounting for a third of all sales, the company is hoping the new NP300 Navara will maintain its winning ways. Nissan has manufactured strong and dependable pick-ups for more than 80 years, with more than 14 million sold across 180 different countries. The new Navara, therefore, has a...Read more
A solar eclipse happens more often than when a completely new ute comes along, yet Australians are now spoiled for choice. The first redesigned Mitsubishi Triton in a decade arrived last month and now we have a gleaming Nissan Navara, 10 years and two months almost to the day after the previous model went on sale. Around the corner we have big updates to the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 and, landing in October, the...Read more
What difference does a decade make? Everything from the ground-up aside from a few sections of chassis rail if you’re a Nissan Navara, with the new NP300 model hitting Australian shores this week. Representing the first major Navara update since the D40 model arrived in 2005, a 10 year intermission is a long time in the automotive world. Most passenger car generations last no more than four years, but the Navara’s showroom stint is actually...Read more
In the match race between two stayers in the SUV segment, Craig Duff calls a photo-finish.Read more
Three-cylinder micro-cars don’t stick to a formula or a price. Craig Duff weighs up the well-behaved toddlers.Read more
Nissan Juke arguably has the boldest shape in its class, arguably of any vehicle currently on sale in Australia. Now it’s even more radical thanks to a major makeover front and rear. Juke is all about funky style. The front and rear wheel arches bulge up and out to give it a muscular stance. The disguised rear door handles make it look as though it’s a coupe like three door, but the handles are there...Read more
The Micra helped make micro cars popular until others improved on the cheap car concept. A midlife facelift has made Nissan’s baby more relevant but the prices will still have cash-conscious buyers looking elsewhere for a bargain. Nissan’s mid-cycle overhaul adds more features and a fresher face without detracting from the car’s competent driving. The result is a more comfortable car to live with but Carsguide is unconvinced the Micra’s biggest asset - its on-road...Read more
The Nissan Micra became part of the small car mainstream in 2010. Gone were the cheeky lines, the bubbly shape, and the breezy hues; in their place were rather more cardigan curves, a boxy shape, and home brand colours. NEW If its predecessor stepped away from the box, the K13 was back within the borders of conventional small car thinking. The Thai-made five-door hatch was longer, wider, lower and lighter than the outgoing model. Its...Read more
The Australian car market is so crammed with brands and individual models these days that it's extremely rare to come across a unique formula. But Nissan's found one with the market's only seven-seater powered by a supercharged hybrid four-cylinder engine. It's an unconventional path in more ways than one for Nissan, as the new Pathfinder hybrid is essentially a replacement for its popular diesel variant. Diesel is almost the default choice for seven-seaters such as...Read more
Hybrid isn't the first thing that springs to mind in the blokey Pathfinder word cloud but as we're all acutely aware, times are changing. Big boofy four-wheel drives are getting leaner forms of propulsion. Heavens, even sporty heavy-hitters like Porsche will sell you a big SUV with an oil-burner . Nissan has put a lot into electric tech, with the Leaf being its halo model , so it makes sense for the Japanese company to...Read more
Nissan's crossover SUV has a new name, new body and a new outlook on life. The first iteration, the Dualis , was a solid if unspectacular effort that nevertheless delivered some very impressive sales figures for the Japanese manufacturer. The Qashqai's body is bigger than the Dualis' in the important directions, but the new outlook is the most important thing - during the Dualis years the market segment heated up, with multiple entrants from all...Read more
Nissan has added a diesel to its X-Trail range, but working out what model to get and what you get for your money is a minefield. The pricing structure forces the buyer to make some hard choices between two-wheel and all-wheel drive, manual or CVT and five or seven seats. But it's not as straight forward as just picking your preferred combination - for instance you can’t get a diesel with seven seats. Be sure...Read more
Nissan Australia had a bit of a brain snap a few years back when it launched the Qashqai locally as Dualis. The car itself was a smart move but heading out on its own with a name that was, arguably, just as silly. For the second generation, the nameplate wrong has been righted (unless you dislike the name) but more importantly, out of the box it looks a better car than the old one. With...Read more
Stuart Martin and Cara Jenkin compare the BMW M4 against the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, Nissan GT-R and Audi RS5. Some cars are sensible, some cost $150K-plus, some cover both bases. Australian buyers are drawn increasingly to the brawn of prestige performance cars, despite eye-watering price tags that start at about $150,000. Australia is the biggest per-capita market - and fifth-largest outright - for Mercedes-Benz's performance brand AMG. Performance vehicles make up one in 10 Benz...Read more
Nissan's new SUV corporate styling gets better the smaller it goes. The Patrol is downright offensive to look at, Pathfinder's a bit better, X-Trail is good and the Qashqai is quite appealing - easily the best looker in the stable. In terms of drive feel the baby is arguably the best too, though it only comes in front wheel drive. LINEUP Four models comprise the Qashqai lineup - ST and Ti in 2.0-litre petrol with...Read more
Bruce Alley can buy a 2007 Nissan Navara diesel for $17,000 and wants to know if it's a good buy. He also asks about the things he should be looking for when checking it. It's done 171,000 km and he wants to tow a caravan weighing 1.5 tonnes. NEW The Navara has long been a familiar nameplate on the local market, but the all-new D40 took it to a whole new level of comfort and...Read more
Hatchback on stilts and a familiar wagon with a new badge aim for a bigger chunk of the small SUV market.Read more
Nissan's new Pathfinder Hybrid is not a replacement for the previous diesel model. That was a bit of a stump jumping, rock hopping, mudplugger. An old-school fourbie. The new Pathy Hybrid is more your sophisticated luxury SUV family cruiser complete with a passenger-car style chassis and features. Oh, and Nissan would like to think an environmental conscience. It can possibly go a tad off road (gravel/snow) but the thing is this big bus won't dent...Read more