Renault Reviews

Renault has a proud history dating back to the 1890s when Louis Renault built his first car. It is now allied with Japanese carmaker, Nissan. Renault's Australian range is made up of small, mid-sized and large hatches, wagons, sedans, and convertibles, compact and medium SUVs, sports enhanced models, and light commercials. The passenger cars are the small Clio, mid-sized Megane and luxurious Latitude; the SUVs are the Captur and Koleos. Renault also offers hot RS versions of the Clio and Megane, and a range of light commercials including the Kangoo, Trafic and Master vans and cab-chassis.

The mini-SUV market has been hotting up over the past couple of years. It has culminated with the recent releases of the Mazda CX-3 and the French entry, the Renault Captur . The Captur finds itself under fire from all corners, with cars from Ford , Holden , Honda and Nissan also in the mix. The Captur is late to the party, with a long delay due to domestic demand. Renault Australia couldn't get its...Read more
Like to drive something out of the ordinary in a small car? Such as a French car with plenty of style and excellent performance, if you opt for the ultra-hot variants? Then the Renault Clio should sit somewhere high on your used-car shopping list. Clio is generally reliable and is put together well enough, though often not quite to the standard of the Japanese and Korean cars of the same size. Then again, the Renault...Read more
Japan takes on Europe in the battle of red-hot performance for around $50k. James Stanford calls the winner.Read more
Too little and too late. That's the story of the Renault Captur, the most charismatic of the new-age baby SUVs. It's a very good looker with a refined feel that would have done well a year ago, when the Subaru XV was the only youthful city-car opponent for small SUVs such as the Nissan Dualis and Hyundai ix35 . But the delay from its original launch date and a lacklustre 900cc starter engine - as...Read more
Many car owners like nothing better than to stand out in a crowd and automobile makers are only too happy to lend a a price. The European brands are very accommodating and offer customers a major shopping list of options. Take Renault, for example. I recently was in possession of one of the French manufacturer's new Clios as a test car, which with add-ons was like no other vehicle I had come across. The...Read more
There are handy hatches on the French menu. Craig Duff 's taste test sorts the would-be sportsters from the tourersRead more
A striking sports coupe on the road, Renault's aggressive looking Megane RS275 Trophy is also promoted as a highly effective "track car". That means it's perfectly capable of standing up to the rigours of hard driving on a racetrack and backing up for everyday tasks. Makers spruik similar claims for quite a few current models but the Renault stands out. Its pedigree is backed by Renault Sport (RS) which is responsible for numerous F1 wins...Read more
Renault Captur, drawn by master car stylist Laurens van den Acker, has quirky, interesting lines that are sure to capture the imagination of those looking for something out of the ordinary in practical transport. That's right, 'practical transport'; unlike many cars with fascinating lines, the Renault Captur isn't going to drive you mad after the initial excitement of owning something different wears off and you're stuck with the reality of poor interior space that's hard...Read more
It's all about the look with the Renault Captur, from the optional two-tone exterior styling to the dimpled surfaces, coloured zippers and bright plastic highlights in the cabin. But there's a method behind the interior-designer madness. The surfaces will be easy to wipe down, which will endear them to parents with young kids and 20-somethings who tend to live in their vehicles on weekends away. The same applies to the zip-off cushion covers standard in...Read more