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Let us know what you think about your Fpv

FPV is to Ford, as HSV is to Holden and they are no less fanatical in their dedication to performance. Emerging from the Tickford performance companies partnership with Ford Australia, which resulted in the XR6 and XR8, FPV are now building performance variants of Ford cars including the F6 and the GT. The F6 variants (no longer named Typhoon or Tornado, just F6) are six cylinder cars based on the Falcon platform, but heavily modified for on road performance. FPV's GT is a step up to the rumbling 5.4L V8 Boss engine in the main, easily identifiable by the huge bulge in the bonnet needed to house the powerplant. FPV have also added a Ute to the line up, a variant of the F6 but also comes in a Pursuit (V8) and Super Pursuit. FPV claim performance is not just something to add to cars, it's part of their every effort, including a racing collaboration with Prodrive.