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Saab are a swedish auto maker, owned by Spyker Cars. Originally started as a division of an aeroplane company, Saab Automobiles has been making cars since 1947. At times having a reputation for doing things a bit idiosyncratic, a presence in motorsport and rally has led to many innovations being a feature on Saab cars. A Saab was the first car fitted with seat belts as standard for example. Current cars they make are the Saab 9-3 range, 9-3 Sports Combi, 9-3 Sports Sedan and 9-3 Convertible. Future cars include the 9-4X BioPower concept, and the 9-5 scheduled to replace the 9-3 range. Saab'sall have the ignition on the floor for safety, security and historical reasons; originating from an aircraft company, this was where all the controls usually were.