Spyker teases first image of B6 concept

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20 February 2013

Spyker teases first image of B6 concept

Spyker, the Dutch sports car manufacturer that once owned Saab, has released the first teaser image of a new sports car concept the company plans to unveil at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show on March 5.

The teaser image reveals the profile of the new concept, which will be called the B6 and appears to have a deliciously retro shape to it.

It’s likely to be a two-seater coupe with an engine, possibly a six-cylinder unit, mounted in a mid-engine position and powering the rear wheels.

As previously reported, Spyker is considering launching a new sports car to take on entry-level versions of the Porsche 911 and Audi R8, thus leaving its C8 Aileron free to challenge higher-end sports cars like Ferrari 458 Italia and McLaren MP4-12C.

No other details about the B6 have been revealed, though Spyker CEO Victor Muller has previously revealed that his company is now ready to start building cars itself. Previously, Spyker was outsourcing production to British Coachbuilder CPP.





Published 20 February 2013

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