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Italian maker of high performance luxury sports cars since 1939 Maserati cars deliver a delicious blend of sensuous style, sublime luxury and super performance. Maserati once rivaled Ferrari on the road and the world's racetracks, but the two legendary supercar brands now sit comfortably alongside each other under the umbrella of the giant Italian Fiat conglomerate. The Maserati range is made up of the Ghibli sedan, the luxurious Quattroporte sedan, the superb GranTurismo coupe and GranCabrio convertible.

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Look out German car makers, the Italians are out to hunt you down. Maserati has introduced an all-new model called the Ghibli and it's everything you expect from one of the legendary Italian sporting marques - lovely styling, hot performance and a zest for life that true car lovers will greet with great enthusiasm. There's one thing missing, though - big numbers on the price tag. For around $150,000 you can have a Maserati Ghibli...Read more
Luxury maker Maserati is rolling the dice with the more affordable Ghibli. This four-door coupe, the same size as a BMW 5 Series, is the cheapest Maserati yet, starting at $138,900, or scores of thousands less than the next model in the line-up. At risk is the Maserati mystique, borne of its exclusivity, which could take a hit when more of its cars are spotted on the street. The reward would be a dramatic boost...Read more
OKAY, okay... so the Maserati Quattroporte costs a bomb. Even the V6 will set you back $240,000. But the thing is, Maserati's new Quattroporte is selling like hotcakes overseas. Although it looks much the same, the big four-door, four or five-seat sedan is actually new from the ground up. It rides on a new platform, with a new lighter body, new engines and transmission, as well as new brakes and suspension. It's all new inside...Read more
There's a button on the new Quattroporte's console marked 'ICE' – which has nothing to do with driving in snow or setting the aircon to freezing. It's for Increased Control and Efficiency, a fuel-saving and city comfort setting that takes some of the fire out of the classy sport sedan's natural urge. It's one of many features of the all-new Maserati Quattroporte , which has just arrived on the market. For 2014 there are new...Read more
Maserati has perfected the art of applying subtle changes to existing models to create new variants to appeal to new buyers. Basically, it’s like a woman having a series of hairdos designed to subtly alter her appearance and expand her list of suitors. But in the case of the GranCabrio Sport, the tweaking has made an attractive convertible into one with more appealing driving characteristics. VALUE The GranCabrio Sport is expected in Australia in December...Read more
THE character-warping skills of Jekyll and Hyde take on metal form as Maserati launches a special edition coupe that takes the race car to the road. Limited in volume, but not exhilaration, the MC Stradale is Maserati's third coupe and runs an even more potent version of the company's 4.7-litre V8. Only 15 units are allocated to Australia and New Zealand and most of the $364,400 race-bred coupes are spoken for ahead of deliveries next...Read more
... more than any console-based game before it. The realism when you slide behind the wheel of one of the 200 "Premium" models in the game is that good, whether you're rating the cars on their looks or how they handle around some of the world's top racetracks. For driving purists, that's close to nirvana. For general gamers, it will restrict the long-term appeal of GT5, simply because it demands total commitment to master. It's...Read more
This should have been a review of the Hyundai i20. The Korean baby boomer is up next for a Carsguide test but, when it failed to front this week, we have to switch to Plan B. In this case, B is more like Z, since that's about the distance from a $14,990 price fighter to a $318,500 Maserati GranTurismo. But GT time is fine while we wait for the i20, and it's good to sample...Read more
Maserati 's GranCabrio is the first roof-down four-seater from the Italian maker. And, as to be expected, a fine piece of automotive art. It has a long, head-turning profile, best appreciated with the cloth top down. It is packed with leather and luxury, down to a stereo system that self-adjusts tones depending on roof position. It has 323kW of sporting V8 up front, mated to a clever six-speed transmission. All in all, it’s a most...Read more
Move over Mercedes-Benz, backpeddle BMW, and just get out of the way Jaguar. The new Masser is about to hit town and it wants its day in the sun. The tops are off and let the boulevard battle begin. Pricing and market This is the new and very stunning — Maserati GranCabrio, the open-top version of the potent GranTurismo coupe, which goes on sale in Australia in April for $338,000. That's $19,500 premium over the...Read more
Price no object, what car would you buy? A Ferrari, a Lambo, a Roller, perhaps a Bentley? In my case, Maserati 's stunning Gran Turismo S auto would be on a very short list if I had around $330,000 to spend. Yes, the automatic. A work of automotive art, the Pininfarina-styled Gran Turismo (GT) exudes an aura of power and class, of controlled aggression. There's even a hint of American muscle car about its flanks...Read more
Actions speak louder than words and when we took the GranTurismo away for a weekend, we found it had a way of dominating proceedings. Everybody wanted to know what it was, how much it cost and whether they could have their photo taken with the car _ whether they were interested in cars or not. And they wanted to know how long we'd had it? I wish . . . I'd expected the questions and...Read more