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Bentley Motors is a world famous maker of luxury cars, founded in 1919 in Britain. Built in Crewe, Bentley cars have been a benchmark for luxury for decades. Bentley competed in motorsport in it's early years, winning five Le Mans titles between 1924 and 1930, and a successful campaign was mounted in 2003 with the Bentley Speed 8 resulting in their sixth Le Mans title after a 73 year absence from the race. Current Bentley production cars are the Continental, Mulsanne, Arnage, Brooklands and Azure. The Mulsanne is the new flagship of the Bentley cars. The Continental is built in many models topped by the Flying Spur. Bentley were secretly bought by Rolls Royce in 1931, and stayed in Rolls ownership till 1998 when they were sold to Volkswagen. Mulliners are the company that outfit the majority of Bentley interiors, they are based not far from the factories in Crewe.