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Ferruccio Lamborghini set up his own company in 1962 to produce high performance sports cars to compete against Ferrari. His company is now part of the giant Volkswagen group and continues to produce exclusive high-performance sports cars, including the V10 Huracan coupe and V12 Aventador coupe and roadster. Lamborghini is sold through a network of dealers located in the major cities around the country.

Latest Lamborghini reviews

Though you can buy an Audi R8 5.2 V10 for substantially less money, with the same powertrain, there's a certain allure to having the name Lamborghini Huracan emblazoned across the front and rear of your supercar. The Huracan is Lambo's latest and greatest super sports coupe replacing the long lived Gallardo that sold 14,000 units over a decade in production. Both R8 and Huracan look sensational with the new Lambo holding an edge in the...Read more
The Lamborghini Gallardo was with us for so long we thought it would never leave. Like its Audi sister car the R8, it just went on and on. Finally, last year, we saw the second clean sheet car from the company that was signed off by the impossibly stylish CEO, Stephan Winkelmann. It's low, mean, evil-looking and pure Lamborghini. What happens when you put the Huracan on a track with fast, flowing bends, two seemingly...Read more
Never before would I look at a Lamborghini as a commuter. Impossibly low, overly wide, negligible rear vision and harsh drivetrain: that was strictly for maximum performance on unrestricted roads. Then there's the Huracan. The first of Lamborghini's Gallardo successors has hit Australia and Carsguide spent a day in its leather-trimmed cabin, on the open road and at the mall carpark. DESIGN In the metal it's prettier than the angular Gallardo, its lines fluid, and...Read more
On a childhood bedroom wall, a faded poster of a Lamborghini Countach once taunted its viewer to strive for wealth.It was the unobtainable car that represented success, power, beauty and for its driver, a certain element of bravery. However beautiful the Countach is, in detail it's disappointing. Cabin trim is meagre and quickly deteriorates, the driver ergonomics are poor, ugly weld splatters dot the chassis tubes and paint overspray lurks in corners. If it wasn't...Read more
When it came time to replace its Murcielago supercar, Lamborghini knew it had its work cut out. As awesome as the big V12 monster was to drive, it could be a handful in the corners, its chromolly tube chassis was dated and its fuel consumption was gargantuan. In Lamborghini president Stephan Winkelmann’s words, the Italian maker needed to leap ahead two full generations if it wanted to position itself at the forefront of the supercar...Read more
Life with a Lamborghini is like having something alien and alive under your skin. Every move it makes is felt in your body. Its exhaust and engine noises shout and bark and roar in your ears like getting nagged on a bad day by the mother-in-law of your nightmares. Through a layer of Alcantara, there are subtle vibrations from the steering wheel and seat that tingles the fingertips and your butt. A variation on a...Read more
In Italian, superleggra means super lightweight. In the case of the Lamborghini Gallardo, it means a lot more. The latest LP570-4 coupe is lighter than before, and it also has an extra seven kiloWatts in the engine room, but the superleggera is really about sharpening one of the sharpest supercars in the world today. Lamborghini is also using the Gallardo Superleggera as a demonstration of its commitment to stripping excess bulk out of its cars,...Read more