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Ford has a global footprint with production facilities in many places around the world, including Australia where it builds the locally designed Falcon passenger car and utility range, and the Territory SUV. The company has a comprehensive range of locally produced and imported passenger cars, SUVs and light commercials. The passenger car range includes the compact Fiesta hatch, the small Focus hatch, mid-sized Mondeo hatch and the full-size Falcon sedan. SUVs include the Ecosport, Kuga, Everest and Territory. The light commercial range is made up of the iconic Falcon utility, Ranger two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive utility and cab-chassis variants, and European Transit vans and cab-chassis.

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Holden versus Ford is one of the great rivalries. But with the V8s headed for extinction, what's next for the faithful? It's a rivalry that has lasted for decades. But with the locally made Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon headed for extinction, which cars will carry the banner for future generations of the Red Team and Blue Team? As Australians join the global shift to smaller vehicles, it will be hot hatches like these that...Read more
Now that the Falcon has dropped off shopping lists, the weight of expectation on the mid-sized Mondeo increases. Australians ignored the first-generation car launched here in 1995, sticking with the big Aussie six. Subsequent Mondeos failed to find many buyers, despite the promise of spirited handling and practicality. The latest Mondeo has arrived fresh from Europe with smart styling and plenty of gear, intent on soaking up some of the Falcon buyers as well as...Read more
Weight, thirst and cost don't dent the popularity of large SUVs. A new Korean arrival takes on two veterans of the segment. Fuel crisis, what fuel crisis? A few years ago people were predicting the end of the gas guzzler, as car buyers deserted homegrown large cars in favour of smaller, more efficient models. They were only half right. People have abandoned large cars — but a sizeable chunk of them have graduated into bigger,...Read more
With the upcoming departure of the Ford Falcon the latest, fourth generation, version of the marginally smaller Mondeo, launched in Australia in April this year, takes on more importance than ever before. When Mondeo first arrived on the scene in 1992 it was marketed as the "world car" – hence the name, its French for world. Despite its success overseas, the dominance of the Falcon in Australia, and the fact that it didn't come here...Read more
How do you boost the drool factor of a hot hatch? Paint it grey. Even if this was the only change Ford made to the refreshed Focus ST, the new Stealth Grey hue would cement its place as one of the coolest kids in the circa-$40,000 performance class. However, the ST’s improvements run far deeper than a few microns of Euro-grunge paint, with updated styling, new interior tech and sharpened underpinnings to make one of...Read more

It wasn't that long ago Ford and Holden fans got excited when the...Read more

A dish best served warm, the tasty ST tempts with subtle spiciness rather than outright fiery performance A good curry is a feast for the senses. The eyes scan it for red-flaked evidence of potency; the nostrils inhale the heady aroma of hidden spices and the mouth salivates for the first taste of chilli-infused sauce. Similar sensory responses await in the updated Ford Focus ST. Red-flaked calipers lurk under the 18-inch rims and the faint...Read more
When the last Falcon rolls off the production line in October next year, this is the car that will fill the void. The previous Mondeo wagon had already assumed the role left vacant by the Falcon wagon after it was dropped in 2010 — soon, the Mondeo sedan will do the same The key to the changing of the guard can be found in the fine print in the brochures for both cars. The new...Read more
We turn the spotlight on the car world's newest and brightest stars as we ask the questions to which you want the answers. But there's only one question that really needs answering would you buy one? What is it? This is Ford's top of the range one tonne ute, the Ranger Wildtrak. Ranger took over top sales position in the one tonne ute segment from Toyota Hilux last year. Little wonder, it's a good looking...Read more
Dark clouds may be amassing on the Ford Australia horizon with the approaching demise of manufacturing but there is some sunshine still in the blue oval skies. Heading the Falcon flight is the FG X XR8 sedan, with which Ford has returned a V8 engine – the 5.0-litre supercharged Boss unit – to the Falcon XR Series line-up. The FG X XR8 six-speed manual sells for $52,490, plus on-roads, and six-speed automatic $54,690. The latter...Read more
Regular readers will be aware that one of our constant gripes is that Australian governments of all persuasions are making little or no attempt to encourage us to switch to low-emission vehicles. So the cancellation, in mid-2014, of the previous $2000 federal government grant on private-use LPG vehicles – including this week's test car, the Ford Falcon EcoLPi – while disappointing, should come as no surprise. The change means that buyers must now pay the...Read more
You have to evolve if you want to stay ahead of the competition, fail to keep pace and you'll lose. That's what happened to the Ford Escape , which fell away as new and better SUVs overtook it. Part of the problem for the Escape was that Ford was doing its best to flog the Territory and didn't push its smaller SUV. NEW Of most significance in the ZD update was that Ford dropped the...Read more