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Volvo Australia is the local arm of the large Swedish car maker Volvo, owned by Ford Globally. Founded in 1927 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo Cars have been synonymous with prestige family cars and safety for much of the badge's history. Extending into SUVs and small cars has brought a much wider range of buyers to Volvo. The S40 small car, the V70 family car and XC90 SUV form the core of their most popular sellers. Models such as the XC60 and S60 are also well regarded. Volvo are famous not just for their safety, but such famous as slogans as "they're boxy, but they're good" and as the main sponsor of the Volvo Ocean Race; the world's leading round-the-world-yacht race. The Volvo XC60 D5 was a finalist for Carsguide Car of the Year 2009.