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Morgan, the maker of hand built small sports cars, have been based in Malvern UK since 1909. Morgans are all built by hand, and a wait list of one to two years is typical. At times it has been up to 10 years. The prevalence of wood to build many of the structural elements of the cars is one of their best known features. Current models include the +4, +8, 4/4, Aero 8, Aeromax and the Aeromax SuperSports. Many of the classic Morgan designs do not meet the safety and emissions rules in the US and Europe and this resulted in them no longer being sold in many countries. The Aero 8 and SuperSports are a blend of old and new technology and was debuted in the US, expected to go on sale in 2010 and result in the return to many of the markets that Morgan had to leave. Morgan owners a very loyal, with clubsport and driving clubs popular amongst them; Morgan owners are known as "Moggies".