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The Korean carmaker launched here with a value-for-money pitch that appealed to many, but it is now a full range brand offering small and medium passenger cars, compact and full-sized SUV wagons, and people movers for all budgets. Models include the small Cerato sedan, hatch and coupe, Pro_cee'd GT, Rio and Soul, the medium Optima hatch, Sportage and Sorrento SUVs, and Rondo and Carnival peoplemovers.

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The first all-new Kia Carnival in almost 10 years was long overdue when it arrived in Australia early in 2015. But rest assured the intervening decade hasn't been wasted. Huge strides in body design and engineering have been made globally and the new Kia Carnival people mover has advanced significantly when compared with the old stager it has finally replaced. In fact, there's one important area in which the big South Korean marques – Kia...Read more
Anyone doubting the improvement in Kia should take a look at the TD Cerato. It would be unrecognisable to those who remember the first cars the Korean carmaker launched here. It looks good, is solidly built, and performs as well as any of the rivals it competes with in the small car market. NEW There has been a marked change in the styling of Korean cars in general, and Kia in particular. Not surprisingly it's...Read more
Weight, thirst and cost don't dent the popularity of large SUVs. A new Korean arrival takes on two veterans of the segment. Fuel crisis, what fuel crisis? A few years ago people were predicting the end of the gas guzzler, as car buyers deserted homegrown large cars in favour of smaller, more efficient models. They were only half right. People have abandoned large cars — but a sizeable chunk of them have graduated into bigger,...Read more
Kia Sorento has gone ultra stylish in its just-released third generation. As almost a third of vehicles sold in Australia in 2015 will be SUVs the Sorento's "look at me" style is certainly important. Sorento's front grille has the now familiar 'Schreyer' shape and leaves no doubt which brand it belongs to. The headlights join the grille in a BMW-like manner to increase the visual effect of width. Large cut outs for the foglights join...Read more
Kia has come on gangbusters in recent years, the quality and refinement of its current cars has lifted it out of the value-for-money rut in which it was once stuck. No longer are cars like the Sportage the ones you punt on when you can't afford something better; they're now cars you can buy with confidence and pride. NEW The transformation of the Sportage, Kia's compact SUV, was complete with the launch of the third...Read more
Kia Rio is the smallest model in the Korean carmaker's Australian range and has been a steady seller over the years, especially following its 2011 styling transformation. The latest version was launched in 2012 and given regular updates, the most recent of which was in January 2015 with some minor styling changes, suspension tweaks and revised variant names. if it ain't broke... DESIGN Working on the "if it ain't broke..." philosophy, changes to the outward...Read more
Boosting the appeal of Kia's new mid-sized sedan is as simple as ticking the turbo box. The aggressively styled Optima was a hit when it launched five years ago , with swoopy, European-inspired styling that suggested an entertaining drive when the steering wheel was turned. Thanks to locally tuned suspension, it delivered, though performance was solid rather than sensational and enthusiasts found they could reach the engine's limit well before testing the chassis' endurance. With...Read more
Plenty of new car choices are available for under $20 grand on the road, but pretty much all are in the light car or smaller micro car segments. In total, some 26 models are available from about 15 manufacturers which gives consumers a wide selection to choose from. Offerings come from all quarters... India, Thailand, Japan, Korea and Europe with the lion's share of sales going to Mazda2 and Toyota Yaris with Hyundai's i20 and...Read more
A tropical cyclone on a family holiday? As far as people mover tests go, Kia couldn’t have scripted the new Carnival’s Australian launch better. Timed to perfection with Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia reaching landfall in Queensland last week, this act of God led to the classic scene where Mum wants to turn back, but Dad’s still hell-bent on getting to Walley World. Admittedly the worst of Marcia’s devastating fury was several hundred kilometres away, but...Read more
There's an interesting insight into the evolution of the modern family in the new Kia Carnival. For on-board entertainment, the previous Carnival made do with a CD player. The new model has three USB ports and three 12-volt power outlets to make sure that all on board can charge their mobile devices on the run and avoid — heaven forbid — conversation with any other occupant. It also caters for the modern obsession with hydration...Read more
Kia is determined to stay ahead of the pack. The South Korean automobile manufacturer recently set its rivals on their backsides with the most comprehensive warranty around. The seven-year unlimited kilometre warranty is bolstered by a seven-year capped-price service program and seven year roadside assist. Now Kia has taken to its most popular model, the Cerato, to add even more appeal to an already well specified small car. The MY15 Cerato S Premium sits between...Read more
The boom in Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) shows no sign of abating. Given that they tick so many boxes for the average buyer, these tall, sensible and practical vehicles look certain to be here for the long haul. Such is the confidence of major carmakers that they are loading up their ranges with up to five 4WD/SUV models in varying sizes, styles and degrees of toughness. Kia was one of the pioneers of the mid-sized...Read more