Great Wall Reviews

Chinese brand Great Wall entered the Australian market in 2009 with a range of affordable one-tonne utilities. The range has been expanded since then to include an SUV. The V-Series one-tonne utility is available in single and dual-cab body styles, with a choice of V200 petrol and V240 diesel engines, and two or four-wheel drive. The five-seater X200 SUV has a diesel engine and comes in two and four-wheel drive configurations.

Great Wall has revised the diesel 4x4 dual cab ute (and SUV). And The work makes it a lot better. The first Great Wall ute was rough around the edges and looked strange in the frontal area - like a duck. That was fixed a while back and now, the six-speed manual transmission change action has been refined in the 2.0-litre turbodiesel to an acceptable level, comparable with its competitors. The indirect, long throw gate...Read more
Great Wall 's V240 ute has found a home in plenty of Aussie garages and driveways thanks in part to sharp pricing. Now, the reason to buy becomes stronger with a new V200TDi turbodiesel model selling alongside the V240 petrol four. Great Wall Motors has been here for two years now and is shaping as a serious player in the light commercial vehicle market. The Chinese maker currently outsells established brands like Isuzu and others,...Read more
The real story comes later this year when the diesel and automatic transmission arrive. In the meantime, Great Wall Motors has just released a better equipped, restyled version of its off road X240 wagon, pegged amazingly at the same price as the first. VALUE The big drawcard with this vehicle is the price, which at $23,990 driveaway is mighty persuasive, especially if money is tight (and when isn't it?) You don't see as many of...Read more
Indian brand Mahindra started the trend with a modest range of utes a couple of years ago. Now China's Great Wall Motors has set-up shop on our shores. Both distributors are banking on the fact that there are people out there who want to pay used-car prices for a brand-new ute with a three-year warranty. The question is will these new Asian utes be any more reliable than a second-hand vehicle from one of the...Read more