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Mercedes-Benz can be traced back to the very beginning of the car industry in the late 1880s. Synonymous with automotive excellence the famous three-pointed star badge today graces an extensive range of prestige, luxury and sports cars. There are small, medium, and large hatches, sedans, wagons, coupes, convertibles, roadsters, SUVs, high performance sports cars, and peoplemovers. Models include the A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, Maybach S-Class, CLA, and CLS passenger cars, GLA, GLC, GLE, M-Class, GL, and G-Class SUVs, SLK, SL and AMG GT sports cars, and the V-Class peoplemover. The company also markets a range of Vito and Sprinter light commercials.

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Australia's motoring mecca plays host to a mob of marauding V8s....Read more

Function seldom sits high on the list of priorities when it comes to car purchasing. Most people opt for style, or image, or prestige, even ego. Few go for sensible solutions to their motoring needs. Then there are the people who buy the Mercedes-Benz B-Class – in ever increasing number in recent years. It's practical, with a tall body that makes for a spacious interior – you need a Mercedes S-Class saloon to get more...Read more
There's little new about Benz's "new" GLE. A model upgrade usually entails taking a familiar badge off something old and sticking it on something new. But to make the "new" GLE, Mercedes-Benz has done the opposite. Basically, the German brand has prised the badges off its big M-Class SUV , and stuck on different ones. This new name is part of Stuttgart's plan to make its model designation system more logical as its line-up grows...Read more
Stuttgart's recipe is exactly the same as Munich's: design a four-door coupe body with much less interior space, plonk it on the chassis of a wagon-style SUV, then charge extra for something that's less practical and awkwardly proportioned. As BMW based the X6 on its X5 wagon , so the rival Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe is based on the GLE (the vehicle formerly known as M-Class). Benz believes its strategy will work as well as it...Read more
The numbers make you take notice of the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG coupe. The 900Nm, the 4.2-second sprint time, the $409,000 price... Get your cranium comfortable with those figures and you can appreciate the bottom line. This is about as good as Benz gets. Yes, it is a classically stylish grand tourer, from the swoopy bonnet and concave sides to the scalloped passenger's dash and digitised displays. The S63 coupe sits near the pinnacle of the...Read more
From the very first time I drove the n ew Mercedes-Benz C-Class I knew it would be the CarsGuide Car of the Year . Now I'm into the Estate, the family wagon, and I'm thinking yet more good things. This is the C-Class with more, from flexibility to fun and family, and it's a good job all around. The basics are the same as the sedan and as impressive, from the quietness and comfort to...Read more
We turn the spotlight on the car world's newest and brightest stars as we ask the questions to which you want the answers. But there's only one question that really needs answering would you buy one? What is it? A slightly larger and less sexy looking version of Benz’s A-Class hatch . The styling in the B-Class is generally more conservative, add to this the high riding space hatch mold and the car will likely...Read more
Plug-in hybrids are about as popular as parking inspectors in Australia but a version of Australia's best-selling private sedan aims to amp up the interest. The Mercedes-Benz C350e will go on sale locally late this year as part of a three-pronged bid (along with the GLE soft-roader and S-Class limousine) to convince buyers there is more to series hybrids - where the engine and electric motor can both propel the vehicle - than just a...Read more
Life is nice when you're driving a Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG through the top end of town. The new Benz Coupe has everything you expect in a $400,000 luxury car, with an added burst of twin-turbo V8 muscle. It is quiet and cushy, fully loaded with luxury and safety, and can crack along. It's also fitted with Dynamic Curve suspension that tilts the car into corners, motorcycle style, to crush the worst of Australian roads and...Read more
I know what you're thinking. Why does the world need a Toyota Camry -size sedan with the brutally-quick performance of a Porsche? Believe it or not, Australians can't get enough of cars like this. Perhaps it's because, for generations, we've been brought up on V8-powered rear-drive Holden and Ford sedans priced for the masses. Those masses have reached a stage in life when they can afford to treat themselves to the European cars our homegrown...Read more
The Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster was one of the earliest examples of the modern day open-top car. Earlier versions weren't really sports cars; rather, they were open-top tourers. With each new model, the SLK moved more in the direction of genuine sports driving, perhaps not a full-on sports machine, except in AMG variants, but getting mighty close. This was one of the first convertibles in modern times to use a folding hardtop, something that's become almost...Read more
Two-door coupes, or their four-door counterparts, are becoming increasingly sought after by the car buying public. Coupes of all classes are popping up in a bid to satisfy the appetite of those looking for a sleek and sporty vehicle. Mercedes-Benz has traditionally been a leader in this field at the luxury end, and with its new S-Class Coupe, continues to serve up attractive packages. Origins of the Mercedes-Benz big coupes lie in the early 1950s...Read more