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The Korean carmaker arrived here in the 1980s as a cheap-and-cheerful brand for the cash-strapped, but it is now represented by the factory and has a much broader appeal with a comprehensive range of well built, competent and affordable models including small, mid-sized and medium sedans and hatches, sporty coupes, SUVs, people-movers, and light commercials. Small cars are the i20, Accent, Elantra and i30 hatches, medium models comprise Sonata hatch, and i40 sedan and wagon, there's also the sporty Veloster coupe, and the luxury Genesis sedan. The peoplemovers are the compact ix35 and the medium Santa Fe, and there's also a range of vans and light-duty trucks.

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They're not flashy but these popular picks are at the peak of their...Read more

Hyundai is giving its newly arrived Sonata sedan more breathing space by ditching the petrol version of its similarly sized i40 sedan. The maker remains committed to two different nameplates in the mid-size segment but has widened the price gap between the pair. The get-in price for the new diesel-only i40 is now $33,090 — up from $31,990 for the old petrol model but down $1500 on the previous diesel variant. The Sonata starts at...Read more
Hyundai has launched a midlife update of its Veloster sports hatch with most of the changes being applied to the SR Turbo model including a higher spec variant, seven-speed double-clutch transmission, tweaked suspension and the option of a new matte finish exterior paint. Four models are now offered, one more than before: Veloster, Veloster Plus, SR Turbo and the new SR Turbo Plus . Prices of the first two are unchanged at $24,490 and $29,490...Read more
If there's vehicle that has been able to match the phenomenal growth of the SUV market in recent years, it's the affordable sports car. Toyota, Subaru and Hyundai breathed new life into what was a stale part of the market in 2012 with low-cost, fun to drive sports cars. Since then sales in the segment have grown by 140 per cent. But sports car buyers are notoriously fickle, latching on to the latest shiny new...Read more
Even in base form, the Korean diesel hatch is up to speed in performance, kit — and economy. Ten hours up the Pacific Highway is a great way to get to know a car. When it's the latest diesel version of the Hyundai i30 , complete with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, it's also a good way to see what the fuel economy is like. The answer? An impressive 4.6L/100km, averaging 85km/h in conditions from...Read more
For some reason, Hyundai canned the Sonata name a few years ago and usherd in something called the i45. It wasn’t a bad thing despite being relentlessly bagged by the motoring press. Sales were OK but not enough for survival. Now, the Sonata name has been resurrected with a totally new model fighting in the medium sedan segment against the likes of Mazda6 , Camry , Liberty , Mondeo and plenty more. The new Sonata...Read more
Jumping straight out of Hyundai's new entry level Sonata into the top of the line model provides quite a contrast. The base car has a 2.4-litre petrol four cylinder engine that goes pretty well all things considered. But the Premium 2.0T has a turbo petrol 2.0-litre with a robust 180kW/350Nm output - making it something of a front wheel drive, medium-size sports sedan. We didn't put it over a 0-100kmh sprint but from a seat...Read more
Anybody who doubts that Hyundai is gunning for the number one in the world has rocks in their head. Big heavy ones. Korean companies do not settle for anything less than number one. The second-generation Genesis (our first taste here in the Antipodes as the gen-one had its steering wheel on the wrong side) is proof. What's different about Hyundai's unstoppable rise is the way they're going about it. They've always done their own thing...Read more
They say timing is everything and Hyundai has picked a perfect time to launch a new diesel variant of its best-selling i30 hatch. Typically diesel has been more expensive than petrol, which means it takes more time for buyers to recoup the $2000 to $4000 premium for a diesel-powered car. But since January, diesel pump prices have been heading south and petrol prices north. In the middle of January the average price of diesel across...Read more
The suspension in the new Sonata is wasted on a Hyundai. It should be fitted in something like an upscale Audi A6 , or even a Chrysler 300C , because they could do with more comfort and compliance for Australian roads. Honestly, the list of cars that could stand some of this Hyundai-style tweaking is long. I’m now thinking about the Mini , Honda Accord , BMW 3 Series , and the ... well, it’s...Read more
Imagine driving from Melbourne to Sydney without using a drop of petrol. We've just driven the equivalent distance in Germany using hydrogen power, in a family SUV emitting nothing but water vapour from its plastic tailpipe. The world's car makers are placing their bets on a range of technologies that will drive us into the future . The rest of us are left wondering who will collect on the bets. Just a few years ago,...Read more
There always seems to be a deal in Hyundai showrooms, a tactic that helped the brand to clear the 100,000 sales mark for the first time last year. This month it’s a free diesel upgrade on the Santa Fe, which gives me a good reason to jump into one. But this time around I’m not opening the door on the top-line Highlander, which draws more than half of Santa Fe buyers despite its $54,000 price...Read more