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Lotus founder and legendary Grand Prix designer, Colin Chapman, began building sports and racing cars renowned for their light weight and agile handling as far back as the 1940s. The Malaysian company, Proton, now owns Lotus, but its cars, which are aimed at the enthusiast driver, are still designed and produced in England. Models imported to Australia by Lotus Cars Australia include the Elise, Exige and Evora.

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You now have a choice of hard top (coupe) or soft top (roadster) versions of Lotus' Exige S following the arrival of the low slung "drop top" this week. And they're the same price at $126,990. Gulp, that's a fair wad of cabbage but when you look at what you get in the sexy two seater -- with supercar performance, it's a bargain. DESIGN The Roadster is slightly different to the coupe in dynamic set-up...Read more
A ROW of lolly-coloured cars is moving down an assembly line as though the colour sequence had been chosen for maximum effect. You wouldn't know it from the production line, but the factory is in the middle of a field in a flat and overwhelmingly agricultural region of east England. I'm in Hethel, Norfolk, home to Lotus and the factory, part of a surprisingly large complex, lives down an otherwise unremarkable country lane. As well...Read more
In this day and age when cars can hit the breaks for you, you can surf the internet on the move and fuel can be anything from hydrogen to vegetable oil, isn't it nice when a manufacturer just keeps things simple? With its massive engine driving through the rear wheels the HSV Clubsport has always been about offering big performance without the massive price tag. 20 years ago the Lotus Carlton was faster than a...Read more
Lotus have for decades infatuated race crowds, become the envy of enthusiasts and even won a Bond girl. Nothing has changed. Back from the lip of the black hole of extinction, Lotus now says it will return to its five-car plan and marks time by delivering a road-going racer that represents the core values of the company founded by Colin Chapman's innovative mind. The Exige S is a hybrid in the sense that it morphs...Read more
When you're the sort of carmaker that goes 15 years without a fresh model line, then the wheels you eventually roll out are going to get a lot of scrutiny. So it is the Lotus Evora, which went on sale here in January. The Evora moves Lotus away from sole reliance on the Elise in all its guises, and means the British brand has something up-market and comfortable to offer. Unlike the tiny track-focused Elise...Read more
Only 40-odd lucky Australian buyers will get the chance to slide into Lotus's most ambitious new model in years, the Evora 2+2. Globally it will be the company's most desirable car, with just 2000 being built this year. Some cars already have names to them and Lotus Cars Australia general manager sales and marketing, Jonathan Stretton, says anyone ordering now will have a six-month wait. The newest Lotus, which flew by the codename of Project...Read more
Derek Ogden has been behind the wheel of two in the space of a week. ELISE With the rag top on, getting in and out of the Lotus Elise is a pain in the bum . . . and arms, legs and head if you're not careful. The secret is to push the driver's seat back as far as it will go, slide the left leg under the steering column, and slide in to the...Read more
Ever wondered what it would be like to be fired from a slingshot? Well, if you are considering taking the wheel of a Lotus Exige S, you had better get used to such an experience. To test the slingshot theory we opted to launch the Exige S, above, at full noise from a standing start to 100km/h in 4.12 seconds. The Exige S is not your average two-seater. It is noisy, harsh, very fast, and...Read more
Fine if you are a ``Bogan.'' It will also buy you a sleek, lightweight, 1.8-litre, Lotus Elise S two-seater with race-bred dynamics, a removable soft top and enough poke to see off most of the boofy V8s. Come to a set of curves and it's definitely all over. Weighing in at 860kg gives the Elise S an impressive power to weight ratio which explains why the naturally aspirated, 100kW/173Nm, 1.8-litre Toyota engine pushes it from...Read more
Nosing into a city street someone volubly denounces me with the word that rhymes with “banker.” Harsh ... must be the collar and tie. “I'd rather have a car in this colour,” I tell the sturdy yeoman with the loud shirt and mouth to match, “than have to be wearing it to work.” If it's not easy being this shade of green, it works on the Lotus for the same reason as old mate's clobber...Read more
And lack of the latter makes for a truly formidable amount of the former. With a power-to-weight ratio of 3.9kg per kilowatt and performance to do over supercars with price tags to make the Lotus's $127,500 seem modest. At 3.9 seconds from standing to 100km/h and 8.9 seconds to 160km/h, it'd be faster than all of them here at Oran Park. Ripping down its straight last week, even this most tentative track-day pilot felt what...Read more
But what are hats and sunscreen for? Besides most of today's roadsters can get their fabric or folding metal lids up at the push of a button within half a minute. These are Carsguide's favourites: Affordable fun Mazda MX-5 Price: from $42,870 Engine: 2L/4-cylinder; 118kW/188Nm Economy: 8.5L/100km Transmission: 6-speed manual or auto If there was an annual award in this category it would reside perpetually in Mazda's trophy cabinet. The original MX-5 reinvented the classic...Read more