Volkswagen Reviews

The maker of the humble peoples' car has become the world's second largest carmaker with a vast range that comprises compact, small and medium-sized passenger cars, SUVs of various sizes, hot sports models, utilities and light commercials with a large choice of hatches, sedans, wagons, coupes, convertibles, many with diesel engines and some with all-wheel drive. The models include the Polo, Golf, Jetta, Passat, CC coupe-convertible, and the retro-styled Beetle, Tiguan and Touareg SUVs, sporty Polo GTi and Golf GTi, and sizzling Scirocco coupe. It also has an extensive range of light commercials, including the Amarok utility, Caddy, Transporter, and Crafter vans, and Caravelle and Multivan peoplemovers.

Germans have no Outback but they know how to make one. As with Subaru's well-known model named for Australia's empty centre, Volkswagen's new Golf Alltrack is an all-wheel-drive wagon with extra ground clearance and look-tough plastic around its wheel arches. Scheduled to launch in Australia in October, the German-made Alltrack's price will be about $37,500, close to the least expensive Subaru Outback. But where the Outback has engine and transmission options, the Golf Alltrack will...Read more
Finally, a segment of the new-car market that's booming that's not an SUV. Hot hatches are back in vogue. Well, they were never really out of vogue, we just weren't as spoiled for choice as we are today. Car companies love hot hatches as much as we do, because buyers are happy to pay a healthy price premium from a category of cars the industry typically doesn't make much money on. Here's why: as our...Read more
The idea of a fast, practical and cheap car may seem seem like three square pegs trying to fit into one round hole, but there's plenty of choice on the market right now. However when the MkV Volkswagen Polo GTI first hit Australian roads in late 2010 , it created a new budget performance benchmark. All of a sudden you could buy a Polo that matched the performance of the Golf GTI , for around...Read more
Empty-nesters and unmarried professionals are slowly finding a path to the Volkswagen Scirocco R's twin doors. This sports car has more poke than a Golf GTI and looks to match. As a four-seater it loses a little in practicality: enough to deter families, but not enough to dissuade those with only an occasional need for the back seats. As a relatively cheap sports car — it's $45,990 before on-roads — the Scirocco is a league...Read more
Volkswagen Passat is a medium-large car aimed at those looking for a solid machine that should stand the test of time. Stylish it's not, but that's the way VW does its shapes, intending them to be timeless. There's an exception in the Passat range, see the upcoming notes on the model tagged the "CC". Passat shares quite a few out of sight components with upmarket Audis as that prestige marque is controlled by the Volkswagen...Read more
The Volkswagen Golf station wagon has been given the option of an R-Line package, putting it in the company of other members of the VW family. Already enjoying the advantages of the highly valued options are the Golf, Beetle, Tiguan and Touareg. Now an R-Line optional package, in both Golf hatch and wagon models , builds on the standard equipment of the Highline 103 TSI and 110 TDI Golf models. For more than half a...Read more
The Volkswagen Tiguan continues to plough a lone furrow through the ranks of the small sports utility vehicle, one of the most competitive classes in the automotive world. Since its Australian debut in 2008, Volkswagen has continually sought to make additions and improvements to the Tiguan to satisfy the demands of increasingly sophisticated buyers. Recent upgrades to the range include introducing a more powerful diesel engine and unveiling a striking new flagship model. As well,...Read more
The starting price for the Volkswagen Polo is pegged at $15,990. On the road. So, why am I driving a Polo with a bottom line at $20,790, before it even leaves the showroom? Because, like most cars, there is the Polo you want and the Polo you can afford. The $15,990 drive-away deal that has just been extended until March 31 is for a Polo 66TSI manual, which means you get a pretty basic package...Read more
What happens when a people's favourite takes on Euro class? Richard Blackburn referees a compact SUV match.Read more