Lexus Reviews

Lexus is Toyota's aspirational brand producing a comprehensive range of refined, prestige and luxury passenger cars, SUVs and awesome sports coupes, many with the option of a petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain. The range consists of the compact CT hatch, IS performance sedan, elegant mid-sized ES sedan, dynamic GS sedan, large luxury LS sedan, compact NX SUV, sporty mid-sized RX SUV, and large luxury LX four-wheel drive wagon. Sports models are the RC coupe and the LFA supercar.

Absolutely gorgeous. That's how we would describe the new Lexus RC350 coupe. No, it's not the rollicking, in-ya-face, V8-powered RC-F . This one is the more genteel 3.5 V6 that starts in price from an affordable $66,000 for the Luxury. Add eight grand for the F-Sport, add another 12 on top of that for the Sport Luxury which we drove. They are big price increments considering the car is pretty much the same underneath apart...Read more
The three big German marques are at it hammer and tongs in the Australian sales race at the moment. No more so that in the crossover SUV field. The very British Land Rover is starting to get involved as well with its just introduced Discovery Sport . So it's no surprise Lexus has joined the fray, with additional models, sharp pricing and a major advertising campaign. When launched the Lexus NX crossover came only as...Read more
A punchy V6 propels Lexus's first purpose-built sports coupe - it's thirsty, hefty and fun to drive. The RC350 is designed to make a statement for Lexus - a loud one, judging by its in-your-face front-end design. The bold and brassy new trademark "spindle grille" may not be to everyone's taste but it certainly catches the eye. And so does the price of Lexus's first purpose-built sports coupe: $66,000 for the cheapest 'luxury" model. That...Read more
When launched late in 2014 the all-new Lexus NX crossover came only as a hybrid, the NX 300h . Now the range has been expanded with the addition of the NX 200t at a lower cost, down about $2500 on the hybrid. This means the range starts at $52,500 for the 2WD NX 200t. The little 'h' in Lexus speak stands for hybrid, the 't' indicates turbocharged. In this case a 2.0-litre turbo-petrol with a...Read more
Step right up, step right up. That's the sales pitch from Lexus to lovers of top-end, homegrown muscle cars. While its luxury rivals trade on exclusivity, Lexus says its new RC F coupe will tempt buyers of mainstream performance cars who aspire to "step up" to a luxury brand. With Holden Special Vehicles pushing the boundaries of what people will pay for a local performance sedan - and HSV's donor Commodore sedan marked for extinction...Read more
The Lexus NX 300h hybrid is more of a city gent than a country squire. Derek and Lynn Ogden continue on their outback odyssey to find out if the petrol-electric hybrid could hold its own far beyond the city limits . The road south towards Winton rolled out in front of us like a hall runner with a road-kill pattern, on either side the flat land going all the way to the horizon. It reminded...Read more
Toyota's luxury brand Lexus has introduced its most affordable SUV in its 26‒year history. The company launched the hybrid version of its sharply styled NX late last year , but the arrival this week of a base model powered by a 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine lowers the starting price to $52,500 plus on-road costs. That's almost $20,000 less than its first softroader, the RX330, that went on sale in 2003. The NX200t also marks the...Read more
Lexus is particularly active in Australia at the moment as it continues to push its way into competition with Audi , BMW , Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz . The assault on the big name Europeans began many years ago with the flagship LS400 saloon . That was followed by the smaller, and significantly less expensive ES300 . The latest in the ES line, the new ES350 is the subject of our review this week. DESIGN Lexus...Read more
Generally, Lexus luxury vehicles never venture beyond the golf club, private school drop-off, or underground parking space in an office tower at the big end of town. Recently, I had the new Lexus NX 300h hybrid on test and got to wondering how the petrol-electric crossover SUV would go outside its comfort zone. The Lexus was fitted with an Enhancement Pack of moonroof and 14-speaker Mark Levinson sound system It so happens my wife Lynn...Read more
Lexus continues its conversion to hybrid vehicles apace, with the NX300h crossover recently reaching our shores. Lexus origins lay in the mid-1980s with a desire to replicate all that's good about a luxury vehicle, with particular reference to the Europeans such as Mercedes-Benz. Since then, it has become clear that lifestyles are being shaped by younger more affluent professionals, some of who are turning away from traditional prestige in search of a more radical driving...Read more
The positive form reversal at Lexus continues with a new luxury compact SUV called the NX. An advance guard model is here now called the NX300h which, as the name suggests, is a hybrid petrol/electric with a powertrain courtesy of the Lexus ES300h. That means a 2.5-litre petrol, four cylinder that functions using the delayed compression Atkinson cycle for efficiency gains along with an electric boost motor/s depending on whether it's a front wheel drive...Read more
The most noticeable feature of the Lexus LS series models is their near-silence and comfort. Features that put them very much in the upmarket limousine class. First rate materials are used throughout and these are assembled with meticulous care. Though aimed very much at the Mercedes S-Class , BMW 7 Series and Audi A8 , the top-line Lexus hasn't quite managed to reach their high status in the image stakes despite 25 years on the...Read more
Lexus has learned a lot about sports coupes since the god awful SC430 from a decade or so back. The good stuff took a while to happen and only really started with the IS250 Coupe. Then came the sensational LFA, a real game changer for the luxury Japanese brand. Now there's the RC 350 Coupe, a gorgeous, affordable GT car that channels the LFA's styling encompassing the current Lexus design language called 'Lfinesse'. THE COMPETITION...Read more
Lexus is quick to point out that it's all-new RC 350 is no dressed up sedan with the back doors deleted. Saying it's the real deal, designed from the ground up as a two-door sports coupe. Having said that we must point out that the RC range does share many out-of-sight components with other Lexus models, in particular the GS and IS series, to keep costs down. At a starting of $66,000, plus on-roads, Lexus...Read more
Not big, not too small, the just-right comfort levels - meet the Lexus 'Goldilocks' solution, the NX. Described as such by the brand's boss in Australia, Lexus's first compact SUV is aimed at the predominantly German opposition in that segment and the next size up. Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley regards the NX300h petrol-electric hybrid, on sale now, as a unique model in a growing segment. "Much like the pioneering RX and RX hybrid...Read more
Lexus has added a smaller crossover SUV to its range. The Lexus NX 300h hybrid sits a little under the RX models, and a long way down from its big daddy the Lexus LX. The latter is a full-on 4WD rather than simply an SUV, though it has to be said that not many Lexus LXs ever get their pretty alloys muddy. The Lexus NX has arrived at exactly the right time for the upmarket...Read more
Mr Zo is interested in buying a used Lexus ISF, but because they are quite expensive he wants to be careful and know what he's getting into. He wants to know about common problems, servicing expenses, and the cost of parts etc. NEW The F is to the IS what the M3 is to the BMW 3-Series. It's the seriously quick model that gives a tinge of credibility to the rest of the range. Since...Read more
Ecologically speaking, Lexus, like its parent company Toyota, has nailed its future firmly to the hybrid powertrain tree, Lexus sedan and sports utility vehicles being early adopters of the petrol / electric hybrid system. In 2010 the company came up with the CT200h Compact Touring hybrid hatch, the first of its type on the market. At less than $50,000, it provides an ideal introduction to the upmarket marque. With the help of the Lexus L-Finesse...Read more
The Lexus GS300h has attracted a steady stream of happy passengers during its time in our hands. Provided those passengers aren't perched on the middle seat in the back, not a single person has had anything negative to say about the GS experience. From the driver's point of view, the GS is a quiet, easy car. Until recently, it had spent its time almost exclusively pounding the streets of Sydney. Now a family event called...Read more