Has the odometer been changed

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24 March 2012

Has the odometer been changed
A few tips to consider before purchasing a used car.
  • Look closely to make sure the numbers line up, if it has an old-style analog odometer.
  • Check the service history thoroughly for previous kilometre recordings, and make sure they match the history of the car?
  • Look for wear and tear or suspiciously new parts. For instance, worn rubber pedals are easily replaced so it’s worth questioning why such items have been replaced.
  • A worn driver’s seat is more expensive to replace and may be a warning sign of more use than the odometer suggests.
  • Excessive stone chips on the bonnet could also indicate a car has done more distance than advertised.
  • If the odometer reading looks to good to be true, it's probably false.



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Published 24 March 2012

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