Wiggles' Big Red Car for sale

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19 November 2012

Wiggles' Big Red Car for sale

It’s the droptop Volkswagen that has run for just over two years in the hands of The Wiggles.

Officially known as the Big Red Car, it’s now going for auction to raise money for  SIDS and Kids charity.

Volkswagen says the specially-tweaked Beetle Cabriolet was supplied for use at outdoor events and, since it’s spent most of its time parked, has only 300 kilometres on the clock.

It is likely to be superseded next year with an all-new open-air Beetle lands in Australia.

The auction runs for 10 days from December 7 and early predictions point to a $40,000 pricetag for the Big Red Car.



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Published 19 November 2012

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