Turn a Falcon into a Transformer

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7 August 2012

Turn a Falcon into a Transformer

Move over Megatron and Optimus Prime. Ford is entering the battle between Autobots and Decepticons with a tilt at having a Falcon turned into a Transformer artwork.

To kickstart the action, Ford fans are invited to hit the company’s brand and Falcon Facebook pages, and vote on which model should be the basis for Transformer.

The Ford-loving public will decide on model, colour, name – and whether it should be a good-guy Autobot or a Decepticon baddie.

High Moon Studios, the developers of the coming Transformers: Fall of the Cybertron game, will turn the results into a piece of concept art showing the Aussie Falcon in both car and bot form.

The artwork will be unveiled to coincide with the new Playstation game’s release on August 22, and signed copies will be used for future Ford activities.


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Published 7 August 2012

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