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SUVs over $80k

Starting above the $80,000 mark, you have a choice of larger luxury SUVs, full-size SUVs, high performance sport SUVs, right up to long-wheelbase SUVs.

Our best SUV over $80k picks

Audi Q7

What we like

  • Sleek design.
  • Great cabin.
  • Still strong engine.

What we don't

  • Not much cheaper than the 200kW.
  • Some options are ludicrously priced.
  • No CarPlay or Android.

Volvo XC90

What we like

  • Smooth transmission
  • Well-equipped

What we don't

  • Ride can be a little harsh
  • Pricey


What we like

  • Great motor and engine.
  • Fuel efficient when charged each day.
  • Subtle eco badging.

What we don't

  • No proximity unlocking.
  • No AEB.
  • Leans a bit in corners.

Range Rover

What we like

  • Controlled, somewhat sporty feel
  • Massive array of luxury features
  • Ride is quiet and smooth

What we don't

  • Very thirsty
  • Easy to forget how big it is on the road

Bentley Bentayga

What we like

  • Feels nimble, despite weighing 2.4-tonnes
  • Awesome -- if a little quiet -- acceleration
  • Massage seats with cooling and heating

What we don't

  • The design looks too old school
  • The price is ridiculous, in any currency
  • Expensive options, no full-size spare

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