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High-performance SUVs

Many high-performance SUVs offer acceleration figures that match supercars of not that long ago, but be mindful of the running costs that can result.

Our best high performance SUV picks

Audi SQ5

What we like

  • Great response
  • Hauls 2000kg

What we don't

  • Ridgid suspension
  • Tight leg and head room

Porsche Macan

What we like

  • Great engine note
  • Fantastic drive experience
  • Sharp handling

What we don't

  • Restricted head and leg room
  • Expensive options


What we like

  • Very easy to drive very fast
  • Depth of engineering
  • Plenty of room inside the X5 M for real-world practicality

What we don't

  • X6 M's exotic looks cost an extra $8,800
  • Sharp chassis makes dirt roads a no-go

Porsche Cayenne

What we like

  • Opulent cabin
  • Great road grip
  • Incredible performance

What we don't

  • Difficult to park
  • Expensive options

Range Rover Sport

What we like

  • First class engineering
  • Extra speed and grip
  • Great tow rating

What we don't

  • Expensive options
  • Thirsty
  • No capped servicing

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