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SUVs starting under $25k

The cheaper end of the SUV market is booming, with plenty of smaller options available that offer SUV practicality for the price of a small hatchback.

Best SUVs according to our experts

Honda HR-V

What we like

  • Acres of space
  • Comfortable flexible interior
  • Steady fuel economy

What we don't

  • Tyres noisy on the freeway
  • Doesn't like crosswinds
  • Eco mode seemingly pointless on long trips

Hyundai Kona

What we like

  • We like the styling
  • A sorted and dynamic drive
  • Tech offering on-point for the segment

What we don't

  • No standard navigation anywhere in the range
  • Cabin materials don't improve as you spend more money
  • Engine and road noise can be an irritant

Mazda CX-3

What we like

  • Solid value
  • Good driving experience
  • Equipment levels

What we don't

  • Interior a little dark
  • Petrol engine a bit of a droner
  • Small boot

Suzuki Vitara

What we like

  • Low starting price
  • Willing engine
  • Fun handling

What we don't

  • Doors don't shut easily
  • Lack of passenger niceties

Suzuki Ignis

What we like

  • Unique looks and charm
  • Great ride for small car
  • Excellent multimedia system

What we don't

  • May be too cute for some
  • Misses out on key safety tech
  • Underdone specs in base car

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