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Volkswagen Touareg
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Volkswagen Touareg Pricing and Specs

2022 price from

The Volkswagen Touareg is available from $82,990 to $110,290 for the 2022 SUV across a range of models.

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Year Price From Price To
2022 $82,990 $110,290
2021 $66,200 $150,920
2020 $63,900 $136,620
2019 $53,000 $109,010
2018 $49,800 $102,190
2017 $42,300 $92,510
2016 $33,300 $74,580
2015 $28,700 $68,200
2014 $26,200 $57,640
2013 $21,700 $49,060
2012 $18,700 $34,870
2011 $17,000 $32,010
2010 $15,000 $41,910
2009 $12,800 $38,390
2008 $11,600 $35,420
2007 $10,600 $31,240
2006 $6,900 $22,550
2005 $6,200 $18,700
2004 $6,000 $18,040
2003 $6,000 $13,200

Volkswagen Touareg FAQs

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  • Why is my 2015 Volkswagen Touareg oversteering?

    We haven’t heard of similar problems with the Touareg. The tyres are the obvious starting point. Have you changed them? If so the new tyres could have changed the behaviour of the vehicle. If not, try running the pressures a little higher than VW recommends and see what affect that has. If that doesn’t work, check the shock absorbers to see that they are working correctly, and suspension bushes for wear. As it’s under warranty the dealer should check it for you.

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  • What would be the better SUV between the Volkswagen Touareg, BMW X5 and Toyota Prado?

    I’m reluctant to recommend the Touareg, or the X5 for that matter. They are good cars, but can be expensive when things go wrong, and they are more likely to go wrong than is a Prado. I would definitely go for the Prado.

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  • Best SUV for towing a caravan?

    I would take the Touareg over the Discovery but the real outback towing champion is the Toyota LandCruiser — which gets a big tick from me — because of its bulletproof reliability and Toyota's service network. The badge is not as prestigious and it will cost more for a fully luxury package but the 200-Series 'Cruiser is still The King.

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