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Honda Civic vs Mazda 3

What's the difference?

Honda Civic
Honda Civic

$47,200 - $72,600

2023 price

Mazda 3
Mazda 3

$26,999 - $45,188

2022 price


2023 Honda Civic
2022 Mazda 3
Safety Rating

Engine Type
Turbo 4, 2.0L

Inline 4, 2.5L
Fuel Type
Premium Unleaded Petrol

Unleaded Petrol
Fuel Efficiency
8.9L/100km (combined)

6.5L/100km (combined)

  • Road noise
  • Now at least $12,000 more expensive than before
  • Four-seater only configuration

  • A bit expensive
  • Dial-operated phone software
  • No true hybrid or turbocharged alternatives
2023 Honda Civic Summary

The last Civic Type R, the FK8, was all about obsessing over F words.

Fierce. Fast. Ferocious. Functional. ‘Fordable. Coming from Japan via England, it might have been lumbered with lager-lout looks, but Olympian-levels of athleticism forged a feisty modern masterpiece. 

There was nothing like it. Except of course, there is, thanks to the rebodied FL5 Type R.

But while less feral to behold, it’s also considerably less affordable, so – for FK8’s sake – it better be great.

Let’s find out.

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2022 Mazda 3 Summary

If you’re having trouble finding stock of a small SUV or even a hatchback in 2022, I’d strongly recommend you look at a sedan.

The majority of buyers will engage in puzzling mental gymnastics to convince themselves they need to pay more for a trendy small SUV.

Yet, it'll have a smaller boot than the Mazda3 sedan you see here. Yes, this car and other attractive small sedans sit, ignored on dealer lots.

You don’t have to wait six months for it. You don’t have to pay more for less, and you might see why being lower to the ground means better driving dynamics.

For this review, we’re specifically looking at the mid-grade Mazda3 G25 Evolve SP, sitting above the base G20 Pure and packing the larger of three engine options.

Is it the sweet spot in the Mazda3 range? Does it have the right ingredients to lure you from a small SUV or out-of-stock hatch? Let’s take a look.

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2023 Honda Civic 2022 Mazda 3

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