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Honda Civic vs Hyundai i30

What's the difference?

Honda Civic
Honda Civic

$47,200 - $72,600

2024 price

Hyundai i30
Hyundai i30

$24,000 - $54,000

2024 price


2024 Honda Civic
2024 Hyundai i30
Safety Rating

Engine Type
Turbo 4, 2.0L

Fuel Type

Fuel Efficiency
8.9L/100km (combined)


  • Price, maybe
  • Limited availability
  • Likely a swansong

  • Divisive styling
  • Rear-seat access
  • Some equipment shortfalls
2024 Honda Civic Summary

Before we dive in, this isn’t your typical road test. 

That’s because there’s no road, per se. Instead, the majority of what you’re about to read comes from The Bend Motorsport Park in South Australia.

You’ve read the headline, though, so you’re probably putting it all together: a Honda Civic Type R on a well-liked race track must be bliss. Let’s find out.

A very quick catch-up for those not in the know. The Honda Civic Type R (or CTR if you like) is the brand’s only performance model on sale after the demise of the NSX supercar. 

The current (FL5) CTR is a little over a year old, having been launched internationally in late 2022, but has only been on Aussie shores for a little while. In fact, we’ve already reviewed it for the road, back in April.

But Honda Australia was keen to get media behind the wheel in a setting it says the CTR thrives in - a racetrack. Its predecessor was a car loved almost universally, can this one live up to the new standard?

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2024 Hyundai i30 Summary

Do you ever stare up at the clouds and dream about a small hybrid sedan with the affordability of a Toyota Corolla, the space of the midsized Toyota Camry and the sporty polish of Honda’s brilliant Civic hybrid?

Well, it might be your lucky day, because here’s the facelifted version of Hyundai’s striking i30 Sedan range for 2024, complete with an all-new hybrid line the brand hopes will account for a big chunk of sales.

And, with a pause on i30 hatch sales in Australia until mid-year, as the perennially popular five-door transitions from Korean-built Kia Cerato alternative to a more-premium, Czech-made Civic/Peugeot 308 rival, the entire i30 Sedan range needs to step up to keep small car buyers coming down to Hyundai showrooms.

Is the new i30 Sedan Hybrid the stuff of daydreams? Let’s find out!

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2024 Honda Civic 2024 Hyundai i30

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