It's no secret that Porsche is the master of charging more for less, but it's tough to argue against given the iconic Zuffenhausen brand has proven so often that less is, indeed, more.

The price of entry for the plastic-windowed RS models are the ultimate example of this, but Porsche tried a similar formula right at the bottom of the 911 model tree with the 911T way back in 1967.

Just four years into the 911 model's evidently permanent presence, the 911T was stripped of luxuries to purify the driving experience, yet kept the basic engine tune.

The T (for Touring) moniker only lasted until 1973, but four and a half decades later it's back with the new Carrera T variant. Just when you thought the 911 line-up simply couldn't get any more diverse. I don't think anyone's complaining, though.

Staying true to its roots, the Carrera T sheds weight and sharpens its focus, but keeps the entry Carrera's drivetrain. But is it worth the extra $17,500 over the base model, particularly with the next-generation 992 911 set to appear in little more than a year?