Just sitting there in the Holden Acadia LTZ minding my own business and she comes out of her house and starts pointing her finger at me. Hang on, maybe I'm parked across her driveway? I put the window down. 

“What’s it like?” she asks, pointing at the Acadia.

“Big. People get out of your way,” I respond.

“I’m currently driving that,” she says, grinning and pointing at the Holden Captiva across the road.

She peers through the window and comments on how nice the seats look. I can tell she wants a tour, but my three-year old in the back is on the verge of a breakdown.

So, this review is for you pointy lady that I couldn’t help more at the time, and for the staring men who walked past and were afraid to ask what the Acadia LTZ was like. 

Actually, it’s for everybody who’s thinking about a seven-seater SUV, because if you’re looking for this type of SUV not including the Acadia on your list could be a huge mistake.