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Holden Reviews

The LT is the entry grade into the Holden Acadia range and lists for $43,...Read more
The LTZ-V sits at the top of the Acadia range with the list price for the...Read more
The Acadia is now here and finally Holden has a proper seven-seat SUV in...Read more
It wasn't that long ago that Holden's Commodore had nothing less than a V6...Read more
Six months after the launch of the rest of the Equinox lineup, Holden...Read more
The Holden Colorado LSX 4x4 is a limited edition version of the Colorado...Read more
If Holden had a dollar for every time someone had criticised the new and...Read more
The $33,690 LT marks the entry point to the all-new ZB Commodore line-up,...Read more
The $37,290 RS Liftback marks the second rung in the all-new ZB Commodore...Read more
The sports-flavoured RS-V sits in the middle of the all-new ZB Commodore...Read more
The more luxurious $40,990 Calais sits toward the upper end of the all-new...Read more
The $51,990 Calais-V sits at the upper end of the ZB Commodore line-up, at...Read more
The Tourer is the off-road flavoured version of the all-new ZB Commodore...Read more
The $55,990 Commodore VXR forms a new performance flagship for the all-new...Read more
For many Australians, calling the new ZB a Commodore is tantamount to...Read more
Holden's current Astra is the second go the car has had in this country,...Read more
After several less than successful attempts to market small cars from...Read more
The Holden Colorado 2018 model range is extensive, and in general it is...Read more
The LS model opens the Colorado range, and it could almost be a model in...Read more