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How to buy a bathurst legend

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    Car clubs are a great place to find the expert you need to advise you.

You don't have to be a petrolhead to know about the annual Bathurst endurance race, even those with no interest in motor racing, or even motoring, take an interest in who wins.

So important has the race become to our carmakers over the years that they have, at various times, created and built a number of special "Bathurst" models.

Some, like the classic Holden Monaros and the Falcon GTHOs, have been specifically built to enhance their chances of winning the races, others, like the anniversary Ford GTs, have been builtto celebrate success in the great race.

Whatever the reason is these models have become highly prized by enthusiasts and collectors, with the result that their prices have climbed to unthinkable levels in response to the demand.

Buying one of these classics is full of pitfalls and requires careful and thorough research before you hand over your hard earned cash. Like any collectable provenance is important, so the first thing to establish is that the car you are considering is genuine. 

Lots of replica GTs, GTHOs, GTS Monaros, and XU-1 Toranas and others have been built over the years. Some are accurate replicas; others don't even come close to being authentic.

No matter whether they are accurate or not, they are not worth as much as the real thing. Check the ID on the car's build plate, check also the numbers that are stamped on various parts of the body and make sure they tally with the ID plate.

Consult the relevant carmaker to check that the numbers on the carare correct for that particular model. It's also wise to talk to an acknowledged expert in the model you're interested in buying to find out the critical things you need to look for in a genuine car.

Car clubs are a great place to find the expert you need to advise you, so too are the many companies around the land that specialise in restoring these cars.

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