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28 August 2019

Giving a new meaning to Matchbox car

Let's kick the tyres and light the fires!
23 August 2019

Mercedes-Benz Classic pilgrimage: A holy experience

Okay, full disclosure. I've owned several Mercedes-Benzes, with a couple sitting in the Cleary family garage right now.
23 August 2019

Fast 9 revives orange Supra in A90 form

New Supra pays homage to Paul Walker's original A80.
22 August 2019

The only factory-built overhead cam Pontiac V8 can be yours right now!

America is known for its love affair with simple pushrod V8s but, long before Ford brought out the Modular V8 in the 1990s, US auto manufacturers were experimenting with overhead-cam V8s.
22 August 2019

Metallica front-man ditches his heavy metal

The lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Metallica, James Hetfield, isn't just a legend in heavy metal music. He's also an internationally renowned car collector who has built a swag of hand-built custom cars to call his own.
21 August 2019

Merc's winged warrior than never flew

It’s wild, winged, and never turned a wheel in anger, but the sheer scale and scope of the Mercedes-Benz T 80 world record prototype is enough to turn your brain inside out. Designed and built in the late 1930s, this bizarre beast was set to shatter the absolute world land speed record before a certain global conflict got in the way. The brainchild of Grand Prix driver Hans Stuck, and designed by...
20 August 2019

'Need for Speed: Heat' unveils gameplay in new trailer

You can customise your exhaust note! Why? Who knows! But you can do it!
19 August 2019

Abandoned for 50 years, this Hemi dragster was dug out of a forest

The trend of digging old cars out of the bush has really hit YouTube but user blown64vette has just upped the stakes massively. He and his crew of Hot Rod Hoarders recently went through the process of saving a vintage front-engined dragster which had been rotting in a forest for several decades.
19 August 2019

Today's bold statement: this 476kW '49 Hudson is the best classic car in the world

Old cars have style for days, but often they handle as well as a wheelbarrow full of wet cement, but not this Hudson Super Six coupe.
19 August 2019

Driving your vintage NASCAR '68 Charger on the street, with a water pipe roll cage

Our road laws in Australia mean the notion of digging an old, dilapidated car out of a field or junk yard and driving it hundreds of kilometres home just doesn't fly.
19 August 2019

McLaren F1 proves it's the Mac-Daddy of hypercars, selling for nearly $30,000,000

The McLaren F1 was, for a long time, the most expensive new car in the world, and now it's one of the most expensive second-hand cars in the world.
16 August 2019

Remember that time Audi recalled a car to fit a rear spoiler?

Flashback Friday: Audi's recall on the TT Mk1.
15 August 2019

Your chance to own the world's most desirable Ford as Steve McQueen's Bullitt Mustang goes up for sale

The Bullitt Mustang is up for sale. As in, THE Bullitt Mustang. Yes, that 1968 GT-A Fastback which Steve McQueen used in the classic movie that features what many regard as the greatest car chase in Hollywood history.
14 August 2019

Smart ForTwo gets Pimp My Ride-esque makeover

Move over Brabus, Manory has created the most ridiculous Smart car ever.
8 August 2019

Homemade Daewoo Matiz ute is the ultimate hay hauler

The ute we need, but don't deserve.
7 August 2019

Forget LS or Barra swaps, you can now LaFerrari swap the world

Anyone have a spare $800,00 laying around?
7 August 2019
5 August 2019

Godzilla celebrates half a century of supercar-smashing at GT-R Festival

Nissan's legendary GT-R badge was celebrated in style at Sydney Dragway this past weekend at the GT-R Festival.