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28 August 2019

Giving a new meaning to Matchbox car

By Mitchell TulkMitchell Tulk

What happens if you replace the rubber tread of a tyre with a bunch of matches?

Obviously, this is a question no one is asking, but the YouTube channel Garage 54 set out to find an answer.

If you’re familiar with this crazy Russian, you’ll know he has no limits when it comes to experimenting with cars.

He famously added four engines to a single Lada and replaced a Toyota Kluger's brake pads with iPhones.

Now his team has taken a steel rim, welded some sheet metal around it and painstakingly glued 21,000 matches to it, one at a time.

Fitted to the left rear of a Lada, it was set alight and created a spectacular fireball.

Afterwards, the Lada is taken for a quick spin and amazingly, the matches manage to withstand the car’s weight with the sheet metal proving to be the weakest link.

Garage 54 has put forward this challenge, if the video gets a million likes, matches will be added to all four wheels, before performing some "Ghost Rider shit".