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19 July 2019

Can iPhones double as brake pads?

By Mitchell TulkMitchell Tulk

Last time we checked on Russian YouTube channel, Garage 54, it was pushing the limits of a Lada Riva by adding four engines to it.

The channel is continuing its whacky ‘experiments' by testing the braking capabilities of four iPhones… Yes, you read that correctly.

While this was done a few years ago by EverythingApplePro using a Porsche 911, Garage 54 is instead using a Toyota Prado, which is considerably heavier than the German sports car.

Replacing the front brake pads with what looks to be iPhone 4s, the mobiles fit comfortably in the stock calipers.

As you can see in the video, at crawling speeds the phones were able to pull the SUV up with ease.

However, any chance of seeing how they perform at higher speeds was lost after the wheels were removed to reveal what was left of the iPhones.

Would a Nokia make for better brakes pads than an iPhone? Let us know in the comments.