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Articles by Mitchell Tulk

Mitchell Tulk

Mitchell Tulk

Production Assistant

Following a passion shared by his father and grandfather, Mitchell’s love of cars really kicked off with his Godfather’s purchase of a new Mazda RX-8. Exposure to that car changed his world forever, leading to an RX-7 obsession. To feed his automotive addiction, Mitchell decided to become a motoring journalist and made his mark at several high-profile motoring publications before landing at CarsGuide. While he is a rotary loyalist, Mitchell also has a massive love for Aussie muscle cars, and dreams of one day getting behind the wheel of a Charger R/T E49 (if anyone will let him). His other passions include Queensland, and spending Saturdays with his mates.

The MX-5 is a massive hit with car enthusiasts, but people have been crying out for extra grunt since 1989. Despite Mazda releasing a more potent version of its 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre models this year, fans are still...Read more
As much as some people don’t like it (myself included), electric cars are growing in popularity and will one day make the combustion engine redundant. It’s not just new cars that are ditching the fossil fuels either -...Read more
The Need For Speed in Real Life video created by Chekunov V a few months back, was an epic throwback for anyone who grew up in the mid-2000s. It perfectly captured the essence of older NFS games, but only lasted for a...Read more
Every Tom, Dick and Harry has been reporting on the one-of-a-kind, six-door XY Falcon wagon that’s going under the hammer at the upcoming (30th of September) Lloyds Auctions on the Gold Coast. But all this commotion has...Read more
Despite the Falcon’s strong presence in motorsport, Ford’s local hero has never been known for its corner-carving abilities. However, a fella called Rod Langridge has built a hill climb XY Falcon , which has plenty of...Read more
As a car enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to test the limits of my car, push it to the ragged edge until it bites me in the bum. But I’ve never had the chance, until last Saturday when I decided to finally pop my track...Read more
Australia is littered with awesome motorsport such as the Aussie Racing Cars, Hyundai X3 Excel Racing, Sports Sedans and of course Supercars. But, there’s one category that - in our eyes - stands out above the rest and...Read more
What happens if you replace the rubber tread of a tyre with a bunch of matches? Obviously, this is a question no one is asking, but the YouTube channel Garage 54 set out to find an answer. If you’re familiar with this...Read more
When The Fast and The Furious flick was released in 2001, people walked away from the cinemas in love with Vin Diesel’s Dodge Charger and Paul Walker’s Toyota Supra. While the Charger went on to appear in almost every...Read more
Recalls are nothing unusual in the automotive industry, with manufacturers having to tighten some bolts or replace an airbag from time to time, but when Audi recalled the TT Mk1, it involved something a bit different...Read more
When it comes to performance and luxury, it’s very unlikely a Smart ForTwo springs to mind. However, luxury car tuner Mansory is changing this by offering upgrade kits for Smart hatchback and convertible variants ...Read more
There has been some fantastic one-off utes based on brilliant cars over the years, such as the BMW E92 M3 and Honda Civic Type-R. Now joining the ranks is the 2000 Daewoo Matiz . The Aussie behind this beaut ute is Paul...Read more
There are a lot of monstrosities when it comes to stretch limousines, such as the Hummer H2, Chrysler 300C and even a VL Walkinshaw Commodore. However, Melbourne company Exoticlimo takes the cake when it comes to...Read more

Audi has unveiled the e-tron scooter, its answer to Peugeot’s electric...Read more

Last time we checked on Russian YouTube channel, Garage 54, it was pushing the limits of a Lada Riva by adding four engines to it. The channel is continuing its whacky ‘experiments' by testing the braking capabilities...Read more
Owning a Lamborghini Aventador is a dream that only a handful of people can achieve, but a father-son team are creating one in their own backyard. Using 3D printing to create the body panels, interior, head- and tail-...Read more
Safe to say no-one misses Chrysler’s ugly duckling, the PT Cruiser. Its retro ‘50s styling combined with the rounded ‘90s shape left the hatch looking like a steaming pile of mess. Marouane Bembli is trying to do the...Read more
We’ve all wondered what Need For Speed would be like in real life (haven't we?) and while we got a taste in 2014 with the movie, it didn’t exactly impress. Now a Russian YouTube channel, Chekunov V has attempted to...Read more
Liberty Walk is well known for creating bodykits for supercars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porches. But the company isn’t afraid of creating a few oddballs like the Daihatsu Copen disguised as a mini Nissan GT-R ...Read more