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6 December 2019

Making Vossen Wheels on the cheap

By Mitchell TulkMitchell Tulk

Good aftermarket alloys can cost the same as a gold plated toilet, especially a set of Vossen Wheels. 

But, if you’re a cheapskate, can you make them yourself?

Our favourite Russian YouTube channel, Garage 54 has put this idea to the test, by transforming a steelie into a Vossen wheel replica.

Hacking the rim to bits, the team welded five metal spokes to the hub, before breaking out the silver paint spray cans.

The finish product looks like the real deal and is a quarter of the price.

The only downside? Due to cutting and grinding the rim, the wheel is out of balance, but that’s nothing some counterweights can’t fix.

However, we don't recommend taking an angle grinder to a set of steelies and making your own alloys as structural rigidity might be an issue...