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Articles by Mitchell Tulk

Mitchell Tulk

Mitchell Tulk

Production Assistant

Following a passion shared by his father and grandfather, Mitchell’s love of cars really kicked off with his Godfather’s purchase of a new Mazda RX-8. Exposure to that car changed his world forever, leading to an RX-7 obsession. To feed his automotive addiction, Mitchell decided to become a motoring journalist and made his mark at several high-profile motoring publications before landing at CarsGuide. While he is a rotary loyalist, Mitchell also has a massive love for Aussie muscle cars, and dreams of one day getting behind the wheel of a Charger R/T E49 (if anyone will let him). His other passions include Queensland, and spending Saturdays with his mates.

A few weeks ago, the mad scientists at Life OD created a monster, the world’s first quad-turbocharged Mazda 323. Using possibly the dodgiest set-up ever, boost is fed to the engine through rubber piping with each...Read more
When you think of the US cop cars, the first thing that comes to mind are large V8 sedans that are at least a decade past their production use by date. Dodge Chargers and Ford Crown Vics are probably the ones we know...Read more
The Mitsubishi Outlander is one of the last cars you would dream of turning into a track day warrior, however for one Aussie bloke, that far-fetched fantasy has become a reality. But lowering a second-gen Outlander plus...Read more
A lot of people might be calling bull, but Italian eSports racer, Enzo Bonito has managed to do the seemingly impossible. At this year’s Race Of Champions (ROC) in Mexico City, Bonito raced against ex-F1 driver Lucas di...Read more
Kia’s newest warm hatch, the Cerato GT has been launched in Australia with an interesting advertising campaign to promote it. Starring tennis champ Rafael Nadal and a bunch of other people making ‘car noises’, the...Read more
The humble Mazda 323 is usually the transport choice of oldies and isn’t exactly exciting to drive. However, an American YouTube channel called Life OD has changed this by spicing up a BJ 323 sedan with four...Read more
Last year in the United States Ford revealed its Edge ST performance SUV and now the Explorer has received similar treated to create the Blue Oval’s most powerful Sports Utility Vehicle. Packing a 3.0-litre EcoBoost...Read more
Despite being teased for years now, the Toyota Supra has been officially revealed and the internet is all over it like a fly on dog poop. The biggest news to come from the reveal of the 'A90' Supra at the Detroit Motor...Read more
It seems to be the week of weird replicas. Kit cars have been flooding the internet lately with the Lamborghini Aventador based on a Honda Accord and the Urus ute with the underpinnings of a Toyota 86 . Today's example...Read more
The Japanese like to do things differently and stand out from a crowd with car manufacturer Mitsuoka Motors being the best example. Nihon Automobile College (known as NATS) is also no stranger to creating a range of...Read more
Everyone dreams of owning a supercar, but few can afford that luxury. Enter Indian company Executive Modcar Trendz (EMT) , which specialises in taking everyday sedans and transforming them into something from the first...Read more
A few weeks ago, we discovered the guys at Hoonigan were making childhood dreams come true by creating a driveable race car bed. Proving these manics have way too much time on their hands, the ‘ShredBed’ is everything a...Read more
What a year 2018 has been for the automotive industry. A lot happened over the last 12 months, including the Commodore morphing into an imported front-wheel drive hatchback , some bloke bought a Volkswagen Up! and the...Read more
Carlex Design is a Polish company that specialises in taking over-the-top cars and making them even more ludicrous. Its newest project is a six-wheel version of the Mercedes X-Class , finished in carbon-fibre. Named EXY...Read more
Last year we discovered a guy in the US, named Ryan Standke who engine swapped a turbocharged 5.3-litre V8 into a Honda Integra. While throwing an LS engine into a small sports car isn’t new, what made his creation...Read more
Mazda is no stranger to making sports cars, with its most famous examples being the MX-5 and RX-7 - but the brand also created a handful of coupes that have been largely forgotten, such as the MX-6. Recently Mazda...Read more
According to futuristic tv shows and movies, sometime down the track everyone will be using flying cars. Some companies have even played around with the idea for a few years, and now Audi is having a crack. Teaming up...Read more
If you had a race car bed, you were the coolest kid in school and good chance you dreamt it could actually drive. Well, the blokes at Hoonigan are making that dream come true by building a driveable race car bed...Read more
When it comes to cruise-ship activities, they're all pretty similar: water slides, pools, bars and maybe even a casino. However, this cruise liner, named Norwegian Bliss, has taken it one step further with a go-kart...Read more