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18 October 2019

Australia's Best Street Racer captures everything great about P-platers

By Mitchell TulkMitchell Tulk

Graduating from a learner licence to red P plates is a big deal and once it happens, all teenagers think they're hot stuff.

This usually leads to a lot of shenanigans behind the wheel, and nothing illustrates this better than the eight-part web series called Australia’s Best Street Racer.

Following the antics of 18-year old Taylor James (played by Dylan Hesp) and his mum’s ’94 Holden Barina, the star of the show follows in his father's footsteps because "street racing is in his blood".

From Macca's runs plus pizza deliveries, to carpark burnouts and stalling the car while drag racing, most people will be able to relate to at least one episode.

The series isn’t just about the laughs though, with Taylor also providing some inspirational quotes such as “I’ll just take it one block at a time” and - in reference to all the ‘migrants’ – “take all the jobs you want, just keep your hands off our Holdens”. 

You can watch the whole series here.