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Articles by Mitchell Tulk

Mitchell Tulk

Mitchell Tulk

Content producer

Following a passion shared by his father and grandfather, Mitchell’s love of cars really kicked off with his Godfather’s purchase of a new Mazda RX-8. Exposure to that car changed his world forever, leading to an RX-7 obsession. To feed his automotive addiction, Mitchell decided to become a motoring journalist and made his mark at several high-profile motoring publications before landing at CarsGuide. While he is a rotary loyalist, Mitchell also has a massive love for Aussie muscle cars, and dreams of one day getting behind the wheel of a Charger R/T E49 (if anyone will let him). His other passions include Queensland, and spending Saturdays with his mates.

The last time a Lamborghini Murcielago rolled off the assembly line was in 2010, but a company in Iran is putting the Italian supercar back into production... sort of. Aiming to start an Iranian supercar industry,...Read more
Two years ago, Morgan revealed plans to create an all-electric version of its 3-wheeler, but now the British automaker has confirmed the EV3 has been put on the back-burner. While a three-wheeled electric sports car...Read more
Have you ever wanted a car with the style of a 1963 Corvette C2, but without a gas-guzzling V8 or brutish handling? Well, now such a car exists. Behind this creation is Japanese car manufacturer Mitsuoka , which is a...Read more
Remember when Ford sued wrestling royalty, John Cena, after he bought a GT supercar, but then quickly sold it? Well that exact car has changed hands again , for a fifth time in just one year. The Ford GT was auctioned...Read more
This ’64 Beetle was purchased new by a man called Rudy Zvarich, who brought it as a backup to his ’57 model. However, he never needed it and the Volkswagen was taken to his friend's storage unit for two years before...Read more
The Jaguar E-Type has always been regarded as one of the most elegant cars ever made, due to its beautiful styling and that sweet sounding in-line six engine. But, an American named David Nonis has added some brashness...Read more
Ford has claimed 19 wins at The Mountain and 14 of those were achieved by the Falcon. Its first victory was delivered in 1967, with Harry Firth and Fred Gibson claiming the win in an XR GT. This year is the 45th and...Read more
Full disclosure: I loved Forza Horizon 3 , it’s actually my favourite racing game of all time, edging out Midnight Club: Los Angeles , and Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005), so the fourth installment has big shoes to...Read more
To celebrate the soon-to-be-released Forza Horizon 4 , Oversteer was treated to a cruise down to Scarborough (63km south of Sydney) in some fancy metal. As the new game is set in UK, all the cars in question were...Read more

It’s been 40 years since the Ford XC Falcon Cobras of Allan Moffat and...Read more

I’m only 23 years old, so starting a family is way off my radar, but over...Read more
Pop-up headlights, cassette players and roll-up windows are things that only people of a certain age will remember. As vehicles continue to evolve, some car features are beginning to disappear and are being replaced by...Read more

Ford Australia has confirmed the limited-edition Ford Mustang Bullitt...Read more

Hill climbing can be a dangerous sport, there’s the hazard of running off the road into a ditch, a wall or even a tree. However, for one man this wasn’t risky enough, and he climbed the Shelsley Walsh hill, in a Reliant...Read more
Are you a vegan who wants to modify their car, but in a vegan-friendly way? Don’t worry, YouTuber Daniel Tillotson has created the ideal guide for you. Called Daniel’s Vegan Car Mods , he takes his Subaru Impreza WRX...Read more
Snow can be tricky to navigate in a car, especially when running summer tyres, but one man in North Vancouver doesn’t have that problem with his Cadillac Brougham. Taking a stretched limo and placing it on top of a...Read more
Not long after an image of the new BMW Z4 was dropped, someone used their editing skills to add on the headlights, nose and alloy wheels of a Suzuki Swift Sport to create a surprisingly good looking sports car. This got...Read more
There are a lot of images floating around the internet hinting heavily that the next gen Corvette will be mid-engined, however this isn't the first time Chevy's sports car has been fitted with an engine behind the...Read more
​Launched six years ago, the Thailand Super Series (TSS) replaced their Supercar championship and the sport is quickly growing not only in its homeland, but around the world. The calendar for TSS consists of five rounds...Read more