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Mitchell Tulk

Mitchell Tulk


Following a passion shared by his father and grandfather, Mitchell’s love of cars really kicked off with his Godfather’s purchase of a new Mazda RX-8. Exposure to that car changed his world forever, leading to an RX-7 obsession. To feed his automotive addiction, Mitchell decided to become a motoring journalist and made his mark at several high-profile motoring publications before landing at CarsGuide. While he is a rotary loyalist, Mitchell also has a massive love for Aussie muscle cars, and dreams of one day getting behind the wheel of a Charger R/T E49 (if anyone will let him). His other passions include Queensland, and spending Saturdays with his mates.

The new generation G-Class will be headlined with the next iteration of...Read more

No one is perfect, and Holden's local production had its fair share of good and bad cars. As everyone knows, the pride of Australian manufacturing, Holden, closed its Elizabeth plant late last year and is now purely an...Read more
Having driven 100cc last year, Seth makes a leap to 1300. Last time we caught up with Seth Wilson , he was rubbing wheels with other teenagers in the KA4 Junior Karting championship. He managed to claim a race win last...Read more
There were plenty of sights off-track at the 2018 Bathurst 12 hour. Racing for 12 hours is a long time, so you’re forgiven if you want to take a break from the action and explore what’s on show at Mount Panorama...Read more
Your first race at 'The Mountain' is always memorable. Possibly the most challenging race in Australia, the Bathurst 12 hour is the country’s other great race and the first I have ever experienced at The Mountian . One...Read more
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Hyundai's N brand is set to give the Euros a shake up, but it's been some journey to get here. The Koreans have come along way, especially Hyundai , having shaken off its reputation for building small and often rubbish...Read more
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To break a drifting world record there's no time to stop for petrol. In June of last year, the record for the world’s longest drift was broken by South African motor journalist, Jesse Adams who was behind the wheel of a...Read more
Ford Australia’s ambitious plan to take on the Mazda MX-5 was far from successful. Unlike the original Capri which was introduced in the late 60s and lasted through until the early 80s, Australia's two-seat convertible...Read more
All-wheel drive could be on the way for Mazda's non-SUVs, but this isn't the first time. Between 80 and 90 per cent of premium sedans sold in the USA have the option of all-wheel drive and Mazda might be about to add...Read more
Under the watchful eye of Allan Horsley, Mazda Motorsport created the world's fastest RX-7 production racer. With the head of Mazda Motorsport Australia, Allan Horsley behind the sences, Allan Moffat campaigned an RX-7...Read more
What do a HiLux and MX-5 have in common? Nothing until now. Engine swaps are a dime a dozen and are becoming all too similar, but this project is something you probably haven't seen before. James Robinson and the team...Read more
What does the old British sports car have that the new one doesn’t? Released in 2006, the Aston Martin Vantage was the brand’s entry-level sports car , aimed at Porsche’s 911 . After 11 years in production and,...Read more
Brapping isn’t exclusive to Mazdas. The rotary engine isn’t known for its reliability, and cops a lot of flak for high fuel and oil consumption. However, due to the engine’s small dimensions and high power output, the...Read more
In the motorsport world, personalities clash and it can lead to some fiery conflicts. The Australian Touring Car Championship and Supercars series have seen some get rivalries over the years which sometimes result in...Read more
Mitsubishi's last ditch attempt at making a local performance sedan. During the 2000s, the local sports sedan market was mainly contested by Ford and Holden however, Mitsubishi briefly dipped its toes into the water...Read more
Flip it and reverse it. A lot of people complain that certain racing categories like Formula 1 and Supercars have become boring, but this isn't the case with reverse racing. Yes, in the '80s the Dutch did motorsport a...Read more