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Articles by Mitchell Tulk

Mitchell Tulk

Mitchell Tulk

Production Assistant

Following a passion shared by his father and grandfather, Mitchell’s love of cars really kicked off with his Godfather’s purchase of a new Mazda RX-8. Exposure to that car changed his world forever, leading to an RX-7 obsession. To feed his automotive addiction, Mitchell decided to become a motoring journalist and made his mark at several high-profile motoring publications before landing at CarsGuide. While he is a rotary loyalist, Mitchell also has a massive love for Aussie muscle cars, and dreams of one day getting behind the wheel of a Charger R/T E49 (if anyone will let him). His other passions include Queensland, and spending Saturdays with his mates.

Nothing is cooler than putting an old school race engine into a touring car. Seeing a BMW E90 3-Series in Euro race-spec, you may assume that under the hood lies the familiar 1.6-litre, turbocharged , four-cylinder...Read more
No one is perfect, and Ford Australia is testament to this. Our local Ford arm has had its fair share of ups and downs, having created some of the best Aussie muscle cars the world has even seen but also creating some...Read more
Frederick Hugh Gordon and his forgotten company paved the way for vehicle manufacturing in Australia. Australia is soon going to be without a car manufacturing industry, with the closure of Holden and Toyota's plants...Read more
Australia is yet to have its own electric race series, but this lot proves we'll race pretty much anything. Jaguar has announced that it will be launching a one-make Formula E support category next year, using the brand...Read more
Mercedes-AMG following the steps of Aston Martin to create a supercar with an F1 pedigree but how will the two compare? The Project One was unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show by F1 champ, Lewis Hamilton where the...Read more
Rotary powered utes and luxury GTs are just some of Mazda's gems that us Aussies missed out on. Mazda is a brand that prides itself for being different and here in Australia we've been lucky enough to receive most of...Read more
The Hoonigan ute project gains momentum. A couple of weeks ago we brought you a story about how the lads at Hoonigan were creating a NOS enhanced Holden ute. Now the team has converted the VY Commodore from right-hand...Read more
These racers have shown how big their plums are by overtaking the competition in unconventional manners. Motorsport always provides some heart in your mouth moments that fans revel in, especially when one racer is...Read more
Our spy shooters have captured these shots of the upcoming Suzuki Jimny. Recently, we brought you a story about how the miniature off-roader was making a comeback with the new Suzuki Jimny. Now we have images of the...Read more
With another upgrade inbound for Nissan's coupe, we look at how different its competition is now. It's safe to say Nissan’s 370Z is becoming a bit long in the tooth, having been launched back in 2009 and only receiving...Read more
Some car communities are worse than others, but these are downright toxic. Granted, while everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can like whatever they want, there are a few people in this world who take it way...Read more
Quarter mile and 0-100km/h times are a handy yardstick for defining the fastest hot hatch. Manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to claim the fastest hot-hatch title and the likes of Audi , AMG are bosting some...Read more
At one stage the 'Wankel' rotary engine could have been applied to multiple cars and even military vehicles. During the '60s and '70s everyone wanted in on the rotary. You know, the tiny powerplant that use less moving...Read more
You've seen the Ferrari-powered 86 on the track but what is it like on the road? US Formula Drift star, Ryan Tuerck and his team have pulled off a pretty amazing feat by cramming a 4.5-litre V8 from the Ferrari 458...Read more

Holden has announced today that the Colorado ute will be lining up on...Read more

The Pontiac Aztek is mocked by all car enthusiasts, yet as our US counterpart, Doug DeMuro has discovered, the ugly SUV has a certain charm that is often overlooked. Coming off the back of yesterday's Five best Pontiacs...Read more
The deceased Pontiac brand created some great cars (among a lot of terrible examples), none of which came to Australia. While Holden did assemble the four-door sedan Parisienne and Laurentian during the 60s, these were...Read more
The guys at Hoonigan Industries have created some awesome cars such as the Hoonicorn Mustang and countless other balls-out monsters. You can now drive some of these cars in Forza Horizon 3, thanks to the latest car pack...Read more
An 8.3-litre V10 engine swap? These people must be crazy. The Dodge Viper is coming to the end of its life which means so is the legendary V10 engine. Such a pity especially seeing that the Dodge Viper ACR just recorded...Read more