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4 hours ago

Five problems with flying cars you haven't thought about

Bathroom breaks are going to suuuuuuuuuck.
21 April 2017

This Hyundai Santa Fe goes outside... it may be some time.

Bet you've never seen a Santa Fe look this tough.
20 April 2017

Feel claustrophobic drifting with a roof? This convertible S13 Silvia could be your solution.

How often do you see a Silvia modded beyond redemption? Not only is this one reasonably stock, but it's an import only S13 AND it's a convertible.
19 April 2017

Design through the decades: 1960s

We take a walk through seven decades of the most interesting automotive designs, this week - the '60s.
19 April 2017

Why Mercedes should be careful when it says "the time of creases is over"

Here are five reasons why we hope curves don't come back in too big a way.
18 April 2017

These guys have basically made a new Tesla Roadster

Tesla first made a name for itself electrifying a Lotus chassis. Now these guys have Lotus'd a Tesla electric motor.
18 April 2017

Be careful what you wish for: MG stirs a few E-Motions with latest concept

MG answers prayers for a new sports car. But is it really what we wanted?
13 April 2017

There is a holy war in the US and it's getting out of hand

With all names like 'Demon' and 'Exorcist' it's apparent that America has gone to war, with handling, probably.
12 April 2017

This Nissan Cedric defies the odds to live on as a JDM icon

The 1994 Nissan Cedric is a rare spot in Australia, but oozes VIP style.