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39 min ago

Weird Wagons: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Wagon

Yes, everyone's favourite (or second favourite... if you're a Subaru fan...) rally-inspired JDM mod-platform/performance sedan once had a rare wagon variant.
17 November 2017

Classic muscle vs current supercar - what's underneath?

What about the angles you don't see? Like, how often do you see a Ferrari 488 lifted up on a hoist?
17 November 2017

Occasional biffo: the top five touring car rivalries in Oz

In the motorsport world, personalities clash and it can lead to some fiery conflicts.
17 November 2017

This HQ Monaro proves why you should always put your toys away

We've all heard this story before. There's a guy in your suburb with an old car, just left out in the weather.
17 November 2017

This is how big a deal the Baja 1000 is

Imagine, if you will, a crowd that would fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground all jammed into a space about as long as the Pitt Street Mall.
16 November 2017

This Charger was the last sold in NZ

The Chrysler Valiant Charger has lots of fans, many of those are 'across the ditch' in New Zealand.
16 November 2017

Hand-built 427ci V8-powered Rolls-Royce coming to Victoria!

Jonathan Ward is the genius behind ICON 4x4, a company from California that rebuilds and redesigns classic cars to house the latest technology, safety and performance, but without losing their charm and style.
15 November 2017

Here's the 500hp Singer with a Williams-Mezger heart

We knew it was coming; we saw the plans, we read the news, we heard it during testing, and now it's here!
14 November 2017

This man is 'wagonising' his Tesla Model S to be more dog friendly, and it's awesome

There are things you do for friendship, there are things you do for love, and there are things you do for your doggo. Like converting your Model S into a wagon.
14 November 2017

This Citroen 2CV has been given the Picasso treatment

The Citroen 2CV is a very recognisable classic car - known as the umbrella on wheels by some European car enthusiasts. It was a car built with a purpose - to be affordable, economical and reliable for the driver.
14 November 2017

Remember the 380? Do you recall the supercharged Ralliart version?

Mitsubishi's last ditch attempt at making a local performance sedan.
14 November 2017

Would you be seen dead in this VG Valiant hearse?

Some of us may have pondered our farewell - just how will we say goodbye to this world?
13 November 2017

Memory lane: What it's like to own an XW GTHO Phase I

I purchased my orange XW GTHO Phase I in 1971 or 1972 from a very reluctant seller.
13 November 2017

Singer's Cosworth-powered 911 has just as much bark as it has bite

What happens when one of the world's most fastidiously built road cars is paired with one of the world's most prolific F1 teams? Engine noises to die for.
10 November 2017

Highway to Heck: Part 3 - 'Christine' (1983)

When it comes to car-themed horror movies there's really only one that stands out as the definitive... uh... well, car-themed horror movie (at least for me).
10 November 2017
10 November 2017

The Oversteer Podcast, ep. 1

Episode #1 - "This is like a philosophy lecture "
10 November 2017

Oversteer Podcast, ep. 3

Episode #3: "I have a lot of money and I know how to spend it"