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14 min ago

Aussies put 700hp V12 engine in Kia van to make the delivery truck from hell

A couple of years ago a pair of engineer brothers from Melbourne by the name of Matt and Shane Corish designed and built a V12 variant of an LS1 V8.
17 min ago

Million dollar XY GT-HO is the most expensive Aussie car ever!

As values for Ford's fastest four-door muscle car of the 1970s soar, a new high water mark has been set as Lloyds Auctions sold a Track Red XY GT-HO Phase III once owned by Aussie fast-bolwer Jeff Thompson for a tick over $1,000,000.
16 June 2018

How a Sandman became a permanent family fixture

In 1973, Holden stole the march on the opposition with the young at heart Sandman, Australia's first ever model to cash in on the panel van craze. Contrary to what the sales brochures would have you believe, not all of the Sandman's customers were pimple faced freewheelin' surfers in search of the next wave.
15 June 2018

The oversteer podcast, ep 33

Episode 33 - Kia Telluride, Skoda Kodiaq RS, & dream second-hand cars
15 June 2018

Code K10 is the ultra-rare highway patrol Valiant Charger

Managing director of Chrysler Australia David Brown was the father of the Charger, which he secretly developed behind closed doors. His vision was a low cost short wheel base sports coupe that comfortably seated five.
14 June 2018

This once-daggy Kingswood was restored in time for the wagon renaissance

Back in the day, the trusty Holden station wagon was as common as Vegemite. They were abundant, versatile, acting not only as family transport but also as a workhorse and a weekend cruiser. Whilst the vast majority went to the big scrapyard a few managed to quietly hang on.
13 June 2018

The not-quite-Google flying car is apparently as easy to fly as a $1000 drone

Except you'd be in it... so it would be a lot more costly if you drove it into a tree.
13 June 2018

Old school meets new school at the Muscle Car Masters

From rumbling Camaros to buzzing Escorts, this year's event catered for everyone.
12 June 2018

Vale Tom McEwen, a drag racing & sports marketing pioneer

Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen passed away the other day at the age of 81 having survived racing in one of the most dangerous eras of motorsport.
12 June 2018

Bathurst Champ scores Order of Australia

John Goss has scored himself an Order of Australia medal in the Queen's Birthday Honours this year for his services to motorsport in Australia.
8 June 2018

You can see a Bugatti Veyron in South Australia right now

And that's not all the amazing metal that's on show...
8 June 2018

The oversteer podcast, Ep.32

Episode 32: Wet weather racing, Mustang's ANCAP rating, & State of Origin (for cars) In this episode: - What's that sound: Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe, Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, Audi SQ7, BMW X6 M. (00:45) - J3 's miscellaneous car news. (02:30) - State of Origin: for cars. (07:40) - What are some of the worst wet-weather motorsport crashes ? (14:00) - Could Cadillac be coming to...
8 June 2018

This museum-quality Galaxy is a reminder of Ford's golden age

For this Galaxie 500 celebrating her golden anniversary, life has been all that and more. Here's her story and that of the three men who put her on a pedestal.
6 June 2018

'Mortal Engines' shows us what would happen if you could drive the city of London

The first non-teaser trailer for 'Mortal Engines' has been released, and it's something else.
5 June 2018

It may be just an RA40, but this Celica dream came true twice

Released in 1970, the Celica was Toyota's version of the Ford Mustang, a car designed as a halo product for Toyota. Just seven years later, the one millionth 'Japanese Mustang' rolled off the production line, followed by a new generation a mere three months later.
4 June 2018

This Studebaker Cruiser is a family's crown jewel

By the mid '60s Australia was awash with Holdens whilst Ford and Chrysler were steadily building their presence. What really stood out was anything foreign, especially with a V8. The Studebaker fitted the bill perfectly!
4 June 2018

The OverSteer Podcast, Ep.31

Episode 31 - Classic cars, classic video games, classic airport beers
4 June 2018

There are $92.5 million reasons why this vintage Ferrari is the most expensive car on earth

One of only 36 ever built, this vintage 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO just sold for a record $92.5 million making it the most expensive car sold (on record).