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21 September 2018

Five car features that are going the way of the dinosaurs

With cars fast evolving, more and more features are starting to disappear from modern vehicles.
20 September 2018

You have to hear this Corvette with a flatplane crank

If there's anything to know about American V8s - LS-engines in particular - it's that they're big, meaty, and produce big lumps of grunt down low.
18 September 2018

This auto museum is having an auction and its inventory is WILD

The Volo Auto Museum in Illinois recently had a "Corvette summer sale" where every Corvette for sale in their inventory was discounted. Just stop and think about how many Corvettes you'd need to have to justify a sale like that.
18 September 2018

This Reliant Rialto is a hill climbing monster

Hill climbing in a three-wheeled car? Well, that doesn't sound safe.
17 September 2018
12 September 2018

RIP Don Panoz, boutique car builder who brought Le Mans to America

The company lived the American Dream of making loud track cars for the road. But Don Panoz, who died yesterday at age 83, actually did a lot more than that
12 September 2018

Here's a step-by-step guide to making your car vegan-friendly

How to reduce the impact your car has on the environment.
11 September 2018
6 September 2018

What's it take to drive a Monster Jam truck? We quiz champion driver Tom Meents

Twenty-five years of driving and building Monster Trucks should give you a little bit of perspective...
5 September 2018

The magic of Photoshop: Five of the weirdest front-end swaps

With the power of Photoshop anyone can be a car designer!
4 September 2018

Remember when Chevy made a mid-engine rotary Corvette?

A mid-engine Corvette is nothing new, in fact it first appeared back in the '60s.
3 September 2018

The panel-bashing motorsport of Thailand

Most countries have a top-tier motorsport, Australia has the Supercars, America has Nascar and Thailand has the Super Series.
3 September 2018

McLaren can restore and authenticate F1s to 'safeguard' them for future generations

Imagine, you're the owner of a now 21-year old McLaren F1, and it's just seen better days.
31 August 2018

Jeep Wagoneer Roadtrip concept: Car nut designer Chris Piscitelli gave us a steer | video

I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty sick of concept cars with all the functionality of a Matchbox car.
31 August 2018

There's a road in Mexico where you change sides because it's so twisty

Left lane? Right lane? Follow the arrows, or die!
31 August 2018

The Lego Bugatti Chiron is like a real-life low-res supercar

A little while ago LEGO announced that they would make a kit for a 1:8 scale Bugatti Chiron. But now, they've built a full life-size version, that even drives.
31 August 2018

Mitch pops his go-karting cherry

Yes, it's hard to believe a car nutter like myself has NEVER been go-karting.
29 August 2018

The weird and wonderful cars of Thailand's Jesada Technik Museum

Car museums are usually quiet galleries filled with shiny vehicles, but in Thailand things are different.