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12 min ago

This guy made the smallest mod, but it made a world of difference

Here's the thing: tiny hatchbacks are great, but they aren't perfect.
1 hour ago

A drive through paint design: matte paint

Cars are perceived visually, and so the type of paint used can help define a vehicle's character and styling. Often, the colour of paint used can even help to highlight key features of a car's exterior design.
19 January 2018

Kustom Kreatures: Picking up in Castlemaine

How crazy are hot rodders? Crazy-enough-to-drive-1000km-to-pick-up-a-car-that-doesn't-go crazy.
19 January 2018

The OverSteer Podcast, ep.12

You've managed to live this long. Good.
19 January 2018

Red Bull brings a slice of Monaco to Sydney Harbour

Triple Eight pulled out all the stops to reveal its new ZB Commodore racer.
19 January 2018

This terrible B movie action flick would make the best Friday night in

Not everyone has endless resources when it comes to film. Whether it's cars, money, or a decent special effects crew, not everyone can shell out like the Hollywood big boys.
19 January 2018

Check out this tuned Elgrand that's trying to unleash the Skyline inside

Japan in particular has a weird thing for tuned vans. This one kind of makes sense, in a way.
18 January 2018

Who do you think is at fault in this crash?

Insurance is a fickle business. In fact, it's more than that - it's a pest.
18 January 2018

Hallelujah! Toyota and Lexus will finally add CarPlay soon

Smartphone mirroring tech set to be added - finally!
18 January 2018

Genuine Subaru WRC hero up for grabs!

If you ever dreamed of being rally Gods Ari Vatenen or Richard Burns, sliding your way through a WRC event behind the wheel of a real Group A legend, then clap your hands and get stoked!
18 January 2018

Here's your one (and possibly only) chance to buy a Jaguar XJR-15 in Australia

One of the rarest and fastest Jaguars ever built is up for sale in NSW.
17 January 2018

The Yanks didn't love our V8 Commodore as much as we expected. Doug DeMuro says why.

As much as we love our home-grown muscle sedan, Doug thinks it wasn't as popular as it should've been in the US.
17 January 2018

The i30 and Veloster Ns aren't Hyundai's first crack at performance

Hyundai's N brand is set to give the Euros a shake up, but it's been some journey to get here.
16 January 2018

Wolfsburg's finest on show at Day of the Volkswagen

The sleepy surrounds of the Yarra Glen on Melbourne's outskirts plays the yearly host to an invasion of Wolfsburg's finest steel, as attendees assemble for the Day of the Volkswagen.
16 January 2018

A drive through paint design: metallic paint

This series takes a look at different paint types such as pearlescent, metallic and matte, innovations in painting technology such as self-healing paint and trends in paint colours.
16 January 2018

Could Ford be taking aim at the Dodge Demon with the GT500?

Ford teases new Shelby Mustang, with twice the power of the original.
16 January 2018

Ever wanted to buy an entire 911 GT3 racing team at a discount?

Dutch man discovers the hard way that just creating a race team isn't as easy as it sounds.