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25 May 2017

This 996 Porsche 911 isn't just water cooled - it's copping an LS V8 transplant

What do you do when your 996's engine kicks the bucket? LS swap it, of course.
24 May 2017

Ever wondered how a catalytic converter works? This guy takes one apart

Despite his disconcertingly unsafe use of power tools, this YouTuber explains in easy terms, what's inside a catalytic converter and how it works.
24 May 2017

Vale Roger Moore, the only 007 who never drove an Aston Martin

Despite playing Bond seven times, the late Sir Roger Moore was the only Bond to never have driven an Aston in the role.
23 May 2017

Whatever happened to Project Brabham?

This tale doesn't quite have a happy ending, or any ending for that matter...
23 May 2017

So, it turns out the Pippa Middleton E-Type is the oldest in existence

Do you want to get behind the wheel of the first E-Type drop-top ever built? Being related to royalty might help.
22 May 2017

Design through the decades: 2000s

We take a walk through seven decades of the most interesting automotive designs. This week - the '00s.
19 May 2017

Five for 20 grand - our top performance buys listed in the last week

This week we're investigating how much performance $20k can buy.
18 May 2017

Listen to the future of performance, the Nio EP9

We like the way Nio approaches electric motoring, proof first, production later.
17 May 2017

This guy didn't like how the VL handled so he made some improvements

What beats the car though is his attitude, this is his dream car, and he couldn’t give a damn what you think about it.