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19 March 2020
17 March 2020

Be mesmerised by this Porsche engine time lapse build

Engine building is a science in its own and isn't always something we get to see broken down into fine detail.
21 February 2020

Gran Turismo's championships pitched as 'the new entry into motorsport'

Polyphony Digital, makers of the iconic PlayStation-exclusive Gran Turismo franchise, has kicked off its latest FIA-approved championship for 2020 in Sydney.
14 February 2020

Mugen quick to modify Honda Fit... but now it looks like this

Mugen Jazz up Fit with looks to charm a frog.
11 February 2020

Racers use empty Indy as off-season playground

What do race car drivers do in the off season?
28 January 2020

Top 10 unnecessary automobile nose swaps

That's enough internet for today.
24 January 2020

FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships headed to Sydney next month

Consider yourself a handy Gran Turismo Sport player? If so, make sure you head to Sydney next month as a round of the FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships will be held in Australia for the first time.
17 December 2019

Need for Speed Heat review: Return to form for long-running video game series

How good is Need for Speed Heat? The strongest aspect of the new Need for Speed Heat video game is the extensive car customisation options.
16 December 2019

Hyundai's N Festival distills enthusiast culture to its simplest, greatest form

A concept so simple it's brilliant: Invite every single one of your owners to a free track day. No strings attached.
13 December 2019

The CarsGuide team's favourite Commodores

The big Holden may have been axed, but it still holds a big place in our hearts.
11 December 2019
6 December 2019

Making Vossen Wheels on the cheap

How to transform steelies into swaggin' alloy wheels.
4 December 2019

Shelby GT500 2020 smashes supercars with a 10.66 quarter-mile time

Ford's most powerful production car destroys the quarter-mile.
4 December 2019

Ford Taurus gets a Camaro makeover

I know what you're thinking... Halloween was over a month ago!