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21 August 2018

Fancy an A9X with only 475km on the clock? Here's your chance.

Is this the closest you can get to a showroom-fresh A9X?
21 August 2018

You'd wait three years for a Ferrari 488, but what about a Model 3?

Waiting for a car can be an exciting time. But how long would you wait for the brand-new Tesla?
17 August 2018

Remember the Jeep Stitch Moab concept? It conquered the Rubicon Trail this week

Concept cars usually have one job, and that's to look good on a motor show stand for a few days.
17 August 2018

Aussie Isuzu team dreams up two phat concepts just because they liked the tyres

You know when you're with your mates and you're like "Man, would look awesome with gigantic wheels and flared arches on it..."
17 August 2018

Aussies are tuning the Kia Stinger and the results are amazing

I've always wondered when this time would come. And here it is.
16 August 2018

Kustom Kreatures: Eddie Ford's shed

Think your shed is pretty special? Then you need to take a look at legendary hot rod magazine publisher Eddie Ford's barn full of American metal.
16 August 2018

Kustom Kreatures: Hot rods, aliens and Eddie Ford

Hot rodding has undergone many 'reincarnations' over the years as each new generation added its own twist. We sat down with somebody who's been there for all of it, the legendary hot rodder and publisher Eddie Ford, for a history lesson and a big prediction.
15 August 2018

Did you know Mazda in Japan will restore NA MX-5 roadsters?

Sadly, the service isn't available for NA MX-5s in Australia, but a catalogue of reissued parts is always good for enthusiasts...
10 August 2018

We've just smashed 1000km+ across Malaysia and Thailand in the Evo Enduro rally

Think about Malaysia and, if you're like me, you'll probably imagine various Protons and Peroduas; small, 'cheap-and-cheerful' hatchbacks made (and sold) for around 50c.
10 August 2018

Here's what it's like to hit 180km/h in an Aussie expat Bufori in Malaysia

When talking about luxury cars, many would argue that Rolls-Royce is the epitome of personalised luxury and opulence. And I'd agree with them.
10 August 2018

Five things to know about cars in Malaysia

There's heaps to learn from visiting Malaysia. But here are the five things that stood out to us most.
10 August 2018

This is why a Toyota HiLux costs the same as a Honda City in Malaysia

It might seem like a pretty sweet deal, but buying a new car in Malaysia is anything but.
10 August 2018

The ultimate camping accessory is this Aussie Unimog motorhome

Think less camping, and more... taking a portal-axled hotel room with you anywhere you want.
9 August 2018

An up!date on @volkswagendown - window fix

Pop-out windows prove easy to replace.
7 August 2018

Here are the best parallel-dimension VW models built in Brazil

Volkswagen has a weird and unique heritage in Brazil.
7 August 2018
6 August 2018

Fiat made a helicopter that looks like your Gran's drinks cabinet

Think of Fiat and you think of cars, until the 7002 helicopter ranges into view.
6 August 2018

Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst is on board with the US woody wagon renaissance

Instagram is an interesting place for revheads, there are all kinds of great accounts to follow.