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Nissan X-TRAIL Recall - Information & Updates

All of the latest Nissan X-TRAIL recall information in one place. Find out what models are affected & what to do if your vehicle has been recalled? Nissan X-TRAIL recall updates straight from the manufacturer.

Nissan X-Trail 2010: Steering binds

If your car was built between August 6 and October 30, 2010, Wayne, then it was the subject of a Nissan recall that was announced in November 2011. Apparently, the power-steering’s assistance could simply stop working, meaning that the steering would still work, but would require a lot more muscle input form the driver. Check the dashboard for a power-steering warning light that is the other clue that this is what’s happening.

The fact that your car’s problem is intermittent is a bit confusing, but given its recall history, I reckon a visit to a Nissan dealership to see whether the car was one of the affected ones is worth the effort. The other possibility is that the car needs a wheel-alignment as the wheels are not pointing where they should be when you’re turning right.

Nissan recalls 11,000 vehicles
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