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Nissan recalls 11,000 vehicles

Nissan Australia says X-Trail owners are being contacted.

More than 8000 Nissan X-Trails and 2700 Nissan Dualis and Dualis 2+ models are being reeled in to fix, respectively, potential fire risk from a loose engine-bay insulation and possible steering breakage.

Nissan Australia says no incidents have been reported by Australian owners. "In the case of the Dualis, it's only an inspection of the steering wheel boss,'' says Nissan Australia spokesman Peter Fadeyev. 

"Of the 48,000 Dualis (also called Qashqai) recalls around the world, only 600 had to be repaired, so in terms of the numbers, it's relatively minor. But it's still important,'' he says.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commissions (ACCC) published an official recall notice stating that the 2712 J10 Nissan Dualis models built between February 27, 2012 and May 16, 2012, "are at risk of losing their steering as a result of having the steering wheel boss - which connects to the steering column - separate from the steering column because of not having the appropriate strength.''

Mr Fadeyev says owners are being contacted to arrange inspection of the steering wheel boss. "The batch number on the casting will be inspected to confirm if replacement is required,'' he says.

The X-Trail recall, also spelled out by the ACCC, involves potential warping of the engine bay's firewall insulator in 8136 T31 X-Trails built between December 21, 2006 and April 27, 2012. The insulator could warp and come into contact with the engine's turbocharger and potentially lead to a fire. It affects only the diesel version of the X-Trail.

"This recall means all the affected vehicles will need a modification,'' Mr Fadeyev says. "It will mean having a bracket fixed to the firewall to hold the insulation in place and prevent it from warping and touching the turbocharger.''

Nissan Australia says X-Trail owners are being contacted and Dualis owners are recommended to contact their nearest Nissan dealer to arrange an inspection of the steering wheel boss, where a batch number located on the casting will confirm if replacement is required.