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Nissan X-TRAIL 2017 Problems

Are you having problems with your 2017 Nissan X-TRAIL? Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest 2017 Nissan X-TRAIL issues & faults. We have gathered all of the most frequently asked questions and problems relating to the 2017 Nissan X-TRAIL in one spot to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

Does the 2017 Nissan X-Trail have a CVT?

Bad news. That generation of X-Trail had a six-speed manual option on the base-model two-litre petrol, front-wheel-drive model and on the all-wheel-drive turbo-diesel. But if you wanted an X-Trail with an automatic gearbox, then it was a CVT or nothing.

Should I buy a Nissan X-Trail or a Mitsubishi Outlander?

This issue will always come down to the documented service history that each car comes with. A switched-on previous owner will not only have serviced the vehicle by the book, but will also have kept the relevant receipts as proof of this crucial work being done. We'd always choose the vehicle with a big wad of service receipts over a similar car with no (or less) evidence of scheduled maintenance.

Beyond that, the Nissan clearly has almost 50,000 fewer kilometres on its odometer, so all things being equal it probably nudges ahead at that point. In either case, the CVT transmission fitted to these cars is likely to be the major source of mechanical grief down the track. Both brands' CVT transmissions have been known to give trouble. If that bothers you, then perhaps the one to buy is the Outlander AWD with the turbo-diesel engine option. In that guise, the vehicle has a conventional automatic transmission rather than a CVT.

Can I tow a 1478kg (ATM) caravan with my Nissan X-Trail 2017 4x4 2.5L Petrol Automatic?

Your vehicle has an official braked-trailer towing limit of 1500kg, so with the caravan at its maximum weight (the Aggregate Trailer Mass of 1478kg you鈥檝e quoted) the answer is a technical yes. However, being so close to the maximum allowed towing mass means you鈥檒l really be right on the limit of what鈥檚 safe and legal.

That, of course, is if you run the caravan at or near that ATM, which is the mass of the total towed load including water tanks and luggage. If you tow the van with empty water tanks and nothing inside it, it鈥檚 weight should be well shy of that ATM number. At which point, you鈥檙e looking a whole lot better.

What is the towing capacity of the Nissan X-Trail 2017?

If it鈥檚 got a manual transmission the towing capacity is 2000 kg and the GVM is 2155 kg; if it鈥檚 an auto the towing capacity is 1650 kg.

When is the new Nissan Rogue coming out?

The current-generation Nissan Rogue, sold in Australia as the X-Trail, dates back to 2013. Having had a mid-cycle update in 2017 it should be expected the third-generation Rogue should be unveiled within the next two to three years.

My car's overspeed doesn't work

You would like to think it is accurate. Check the speed using a GPS, and then adjust the overspeed setting to compensate for whatever error it shows.

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It is annoying, but it鈥檚 not unusual for carmakers to produce a car with a known flaw. They sometimes judge that it鈥檚 not serious enough to do anything about.

What's a good replacement SUV for the Suzuki SX4 with off-road capabilities?

Most small SUVs are all-wheel drive, as is your SX4, which means it's an on-demand four-wheel drive system rather than a traditional one. If the SX4 does what you want you could try a Suzuki Grand Vitara, or a Nissan X-Trail.

What's the best family SUV to buy?

As you say, the choice is bewildering. All the models you have been looking would be suitable; you could also look at the Nissan X-Trail. I would go for either the Mazda CX-5 or the Kia Sportage, but that's not to say the others aren't worth considering. Why don't you go shopping and check each of them out to see how they fit your needs.

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