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Nissan X-TRAIL 2004 Problems

Are you having problems with your 2004 Nissan X-TRAIL? Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest 2004 Nissan X-TRAIL issues & faults. We have gathered all of the most frequently asked questions and problems relating to the 2004 Nissan X-TRAIL in one spot to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

Nissan X-Trail 2004: Aftermarket rocket cover

If it has made by a reputable spare parts manufacturer, then yes, it probably is ok, but I would be looking to replace the leaking seals rather than the whole cover assembly.

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The X-Trail was a compact SUV designed to appeal to those looking for a vehicle that blended bush with the ’burbs.
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Though often used only as an on-road station wagon, Nissan's X-Trail is pretty competent as an SUV. While not intended to be used in extreme 4WD conditions, it can handle most recreational off-road driving with little trouble. Providing enjoyment to adventurous families while doing so.聽 Nissan X-Trail uses a complex
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Nissan X-Trail 2004: Oil consumption

It's borderline at the moment, so I wouldn't panic, but I would monitor it over the next 12 months or so, and use a good quality 10w-50 oil. X-Trails do have a reputation for using oil at high mileage, and it's usually wear in the rings and bores.

Towing options

YOUR poptop would probably weigh about 1500kg when loaded, so that's the weight you need to consider when buying a vehicle. In my view it comes down to where you want to go when travelling, and what you want to do with the vehicle for the rest of the year. If you stick predominantly to the blacktop on your travels, then a regular Commodore or Falcon is probably the best way to go. Both will easily tow your poptop, are comfortable and will give you reasonable fuel consumption. An X-Trail will tow up to 2000kg if the trailer has brakes, so that will also handle your poptop. A recent experience with a 3.0-litre Subaru Outback, rated to tow 1800kg, showed that when it was towing a 1200kg camper trailer the fuel consumption rose about 30 per cent, and rose even more when towing a camper weighing close to its rated tow capacity. That said, the Outback would be a great compromise for round-town use and towing capacity.

Holden Commodore: Whats the best replacement for towing?

BEFORE the advent of bigger front-wheel-drive family cars from Toyota and Mitsubishi in the '90s, we mostly used rear-wheel-drive cars for towing. They are still preferred for towing because the weight over the rear wheels is an advantage. The recent popularity of all-wheel-drive cars, including 4WDs, has further clouded the towing issue. If I were to go on the round-Australia dream drive, I would take an all-wheel-drive. Not for the towing, but to get to those out-of-the-way tourist destinations that I couldn't get to with a two-wheel-drive car.

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