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Nissan X-Trail 2010: Steering binds

I have a 2010 Nissan X-Trail T31 with electric power steering. I have noticed that the steering binds slightly in spots on occasion, most noticeably in longer right-hand curves. There isn't any noise associated with the binding and the steering centres by itself. There are no noises or wobbles from the front end. Your thoughts appreciated.

If your car was built between August 6 and October 30, 2010, Wayne, then it was the subject of a Nissan recall that was announced in November 2011. Apparently, the power-steering’s assistance could simply stop working, meaning that the steering would still work, but would require a lot more muscle input form the driver. Check the dashboard for a power-steering warning light that is the other clue that this is what’s happening.

The fact that your car’s problem is intermittent is a bit confusing, but given its recall history, I reckon a visit to a Nissan dealership to see whether the car was one of the affected ones is worth the effort. The other possibility is that the car needs a wheel-alignment as the wheels are not pointing where they should be when you’re turning right.